Carrie Underwood singing Pontoon (Little Big Town)

>>Denilson Honorato>>Carrie Underwood singing Pontoon (Little Big Town)
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Hillary Lindsey,Luke Laird,Brett James,Pontoon,Carrie Underwood,Little Big Town,CMA Songwriters Series

Andrew JC:
i will go motorboatin with you carrie anyday sorry mike ;) haha
did she thought she was going to do back up sing
Becky Taylor:
Carrie: MMMMMM MotorBoatin'!!! Guy on the end "Yeah! Whoo! Is that good or what?!" LOL
Benjamin Hartman:
CARRIE Underwood ! Do a recording of STAND BY YOUR MAN! PLEASE! I love your christian Christ like spirit! YOU INSPIRE THE WORLD!
Carla Artz:
I really like this site


Diana Catacutan:
She got the hang of it once they helped her with the lyrics... LOVE CARRIE!!!
my roosters crow to that woooo. 0:48 woot woot woo woo.
Jonathan SK:
Well Little big town has done a very great job with Pontoon but Carrie is wonderful
Lady J:
Carrie totally should do a cover, wish she sung a little longer here.
Mike Henry:
boy has she come along ways since her days on IDOL.. wonder if she would have became this.... had she not even tried out..

Patti Danner:
too greatest country singers Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert
Queen Tanukana gonna slay yo bitchy ass:
There's no turning back to the original now after i hear Carrie's version ..... Damn this girl can sing !
Sorry Carrie:( I still like it better by Danielle Lowe:)
jeff munson:
if you want to see carrie speechless search when brad surprises carrie, when he shows up at one of her concerts she goes speechless and forgets to sing for a bit.
Whats with all the screaming dude?????

    Carrie Underwood singing at CMA Songwriters Series with Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey.