Old Crow Medicine Show & Darius Rucker - "Wagon Wheel" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

>>Grand Ole Opry>>Old Crow Medicine Show & Darius Rucker - "Wagon Wheel" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry
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Amalia Pistilli:
This man has a V ELVET voice. Hot hot hot.
So Darius Rucker is the only country singer I even like, because he sounds great and I mean hootie and the blowfish... and I recently fell in love with OCMS and found out this was their original song and this just made me so happy. Idk if it's cause I'm a little drunk or what but this brought the happiest of tears to my eyes.
Casey Smith:
just one of the best songs ever written.....I love every version .........and most of all this original
Chad Hamilton:
Love that sharp tenor, need it.
I Love this song, everybody does, we are so Proud of you and Morgan, thanks Crystal, Love Always!
Gabriel Elias:
Yeah -- this is my country. not this garbage that we've become.
Jeff Cobb:
Some rap artist will someday do a cover of this song...and it will be EPIC!
So much talent on one stage, wow.
Nookie Cookies:
darius rucker: 3rd

old crow med: 2nd best

old crow med and darius rucker together : Best version.
Ricky King:
anyone else notice that Darius did the original verse as opposed to the one he recorded?
Robert Donachie:
I have never scene a band do a song where everybody is smiling and really enjoying themselves. Truly the best song ever written and performed and not by Rucker though his version is decent.
Robert Headley:
I like this version that has the authenticity of the original and still manages to benefit form the enormous talent that is Darius Rucker.
I love how happy Ketch is in this video.
jim porter:
wish I could play my phantom rubboard to wagon wheel with darius rucker.
Critter Fuqua is an amazing talent but he's "wound a little tight".

    Old Crow Medicine Show are joined by Darius Rucker during a performance of their signature hit "Wagon Wheel" live at the Grand Ole Opry. Visit www.opry.com to find out more! © ℗ 2012 Grand Ole Opry, LLC
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Old Crow Medicine Show & Darius Rucker - "Wagon Wheel" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry