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>>Tigernetdotcom>>TigerNet.com - Tajh Boyd talks National Championship
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Bobby Clark:
Until this game, my favorite Clemson moment was the 4 and 16 completion
from Tajh to Nuk against LSU in the Peach Bowl. He was a great Clemson
player and is still a class act.
Breezy Slim:
Well said Tajh!! Tajh, Nuk, Sammy, Vic and other players recruited by Coach
Dabo were the strong foundation that push these group of guys to win that
National Championship
Dabo Swanny:
Tajh will always be a rock star at Clemson.
Lou Last:
I thought this interview embodied what Coach Swinney and company have put
together! They do not go after every 4 & 5 star recruit! They go after
young men who can be molded. Who while talented will also submit to being
coached hard! Tajh in this interview never made it about himself. It was
about the process! About building Clemson back in to a yearly contender!
And understanding he was an important piece in that foundation! But, never
making it about him. That coaching staff and athletic program should be
proud of the kids they are putting out! Regardless if they make it in the
NFL or not; they are far better after having gone through " The Process " @
Paula Marshall:
Tajh was awesome when he played at Clemson. Would love to have him involved
somehow in Clemson Athletics