Zac Brown Band - I’ll Be Your Man (Song For A Daughter)

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Alexandra Cordero:
the end of the video was so confusing... love the song though!
Bertha Adams:
A yes i had 4daughters and one pastaway but thank got I have 3 daughters god is a grate god
My baby’s 9 years old.. please let these next 9 years go by VERY SLOW so I can have the privilege of watching my daughter grow up
Holldiy the original:
I llove this song it always make me almost cry and it reminds me of my dad and my step dad to well almost and I am thinking of doing things s for my moms wedding
Jesus Is Lord:
Is it me or is this video kind of blurry?
Joshua Parsons:
I'm a stepdad to a 12 year old girl, who is my world she may not be mine by blood but that's my girl and I love her like she's mine I can't be her father but I'm happy to be her dad
Kendall Schoonover:
Robert Ramlet:
What does his daughter say at 4:52? I’m trying to find it online but can’t seem to pinpoint it. Any help will greatly be appreciated!!
Timon Lamprey:
I absolutely love this song! One of my favourite songs ever
Travis Mcgill:
As a dad.. I really wanted more from this..
jj maquina:
I told my daughter It's not like after 20 years you get a gold watch...your kids are like herpes...they are I only hope that we remember that kids need to things to grow...wings, and roots.. I wished I was wise enough to have given them both, but, as it turns out, as in the scene in the 1994 movie: "With Honors" with Joe Pesci and Brandon Fraser, at 1:18:40 seconds into that movie, Pesci, while dying in bed says to Fraser: "You would be surprised at how different the view was on the way in, as it is on the way out. And, I hope my daughter forgives me because I am not sure I can forgive myself....but I am tryin
josie rosales:
Dose anybody agreed with me what that boy did to her was sad like If you agreed
Brake my heart. I’m still here. My love is unconditional
slayerof truth:
I love Zac  Brown Band. They do funny and real life in their amazing songs. They are such well rounded talented artists and incredible live. This is such sweet song.
wendy wilcox:
Ide rather not have a temporary daddy. I would prefer one real in the flesh

    I’ll Be Your Man (Song For A Daughter) (A Short Story/Music Video)
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Starring: Zac Brown, Hannah Kraar, Tyler Buckingham, Camden Johnston, Matt and Jake
Produced by Katie Murphy and Diego Pernía
Executive Producer Erika Feldstein
DOP Eduardo Martinez Solares AMC
Edited by Diego Pernía
Sound Design and Mixing By Diego Pernía
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