Kenny Chesney - All the Pretty Girls

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Alex Hassek:
Alex Willis:
Doesn't this song sound a classic rock song? Maybe by Bruce Springsteen? I can't put my finger on it, but it sounds really familiar, especially the intro. Anyone else think so?
Brendan Grehan:
Great track the video reminds me of uk horror film Eden lake from about 10 years ago...great movie.
Elisia Figueroa:
Comment yes if your a pretty girl
Ellen Upton:
Great song but that dodge probably runs better than those ford's
Etylla Alves:
gente quando eu erra menor ouvia muito músicas desse cara só q nunca parei pra ver o nome dele e as vezes eu queria ouvir música dele mais n sabia o nome de nada hoje depois de décadas achei 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Greg Hale:
Who is the female singer that sings with Kenny in parts of the song?????
Haji Ramadhani:
I live Tanzanian me I like this song
She's a (5) at best... They're a dime a dozen. Just don't knock 'em up or else you pay child support for (18) years. Around $100k :)
Jonas Eriksson:
Absolutely in LOVE with this video !!!
Lara Stegeman:
Love Kenny's voice and the song is so sweet
Leslie Littleton:
Very John mellencamp. Great song
Lilly Anne:
The boys at my school always sing this song to their girlfriends LOL!!!!!
john miller:
that girl hot AF. i want to marry her
sisco kid matchety:
I love this song. you are a amazing singer

    Directed and produced by the winners of Kenny Chesney’s “All the Pretty Girls” Music Video Contest, Belmont students Jessica Martinez and William Renner.

Kenny Chesney's "All The Pretty Girls" from his latest album Cosmic Hallelujah:
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