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Amanda Lassiter:
the hardest part is that he can actually admit he could have been a better man
Big Mitch Baker:
We might still be in love if you had some bigger tits
I might not have cheated on yo ass if you had some bigger tits
Bill Abney:
I like this song. But what I get out of it is a beautiful woman who probably complained about every little thing and the guy had enough and left. He could have been a better man if he didn't leave the toilet seat up that one time. She just wishes he could've been a better man and gave her every little thing that she wanted before she knew she wanted it. Maybe like a pretty pink Ferrari or at LEAST a bigger house. He's better off and will surely find a better woman.
Danielle Genack:
I love this song. Thankfully I can't relate to the lyrics, but I can imagine how hard it would be.
Edward Chalgren:
Wow, this is a great song. Another hit, #LittleBigTown !
Genia Dees:
I first heard this and was so like damn are they playing a song about me and my ex! I gave that man every damn part of me and he broke something in me and i will never be the same but i know i will never be in love with what he thought was love. When you know better you do better.
Naomi Burkard:
This song is one of my faves😜😜😜
Pina Goddard:
really gets the heart! if they had one!! sad just sad
Rocio Martinez:
My favorite part of this video... Their outfits!!! Gorgeous!!! Hello from Dallas Texas!!
Shayla Petteys:
This describes my last relationship 100%
Shell Pen:
I thought this was Shania Twain when I first heard this song lol
Tracy Finley:
first time I heard it on the radio is thought it sounded like like Shania..great song
Wendy Coreys:
god knows I tried to keep my promise to my friends in heaven. They sacrificed for me.
iggy iggy:
....I'm still not a better man !................... I'm just the same old ordinary man you first  met  ............But you were ok with that.
WTF  ? ? ?

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