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Ben Oltmanns:
If Taylor had actually recorded this song, it would sound so horrible. Glad these guys picked it up and made it a hit!
Billy Spivey:
My son has a precious wife who loves him so much. I afraid he's lying to her when she asks him questions
Causing her stress just to be hurtful. We love her and no doubt she's no daisy but she never brings his past up and he sometimes hurts her with some miss management of his account. I've heard her cry all night and she does know why he's doing it to her, she just doesn't understand why he wants to hurt her . He's and she both have been through losing 1 and 2 of their parents. His wife loves to see my son happy and with her too. My thing if you didn't make mistakes in life you can't learn from them to be a better man or a better woman Mistakes happen for a reason son your and forgive her let it go. She forgave you and has made a home for you too and warmloving wife. Son she doesn't want anything from you just your time and it be quality time she calls belly laughing
Brian Craycroft:
I think this song is about John Mayer. written first in 2010
Carol Garcia:
wow listening to this song describes what I'm going thru... I miss you and I wish you were a better man!
Christine Bories:
Still loving this song brilliant group
Debbie Briar:
No im not you are what i want for better or worse. I dont care i will never want anyone else i can handle your issues as long as you can handle mine.. Look what i did made you think i would of left you for someone else.. I would will never want anyone EVER
Deborah Hollier:
Roses are red vilots are blue when this song ended my life did to
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Little Red:
never let a man hold you back.. if he fucking cares then he will let you go for your dreams..
M Kern:
Bravest thing I ever did was run
Pam Haskins:
this started my healing and acceptance
Rachel Free:
The concept of this song, is either misunderstood or they can't apply it ,like a true man can..
Ryuji Omote:
Little Big Town - Better Man
Tempest Blair:
Little Big Town NEVER disappoints. Love this!
Wallace Moore:
Now I wish a lesbian woman, gay male and a straight white male would sing their perspective equivalent of this song!

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