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Arianna Sutliff:
That song is my favorite it made me cry I love It
CoCo PuFF:
I wish I was a better man. I just miss you and just wish I was a better man. I might have been the one if I was a better man. We might still be in love if.........this is coming from a man who had to learn his lesson the hard way. If I could go back and change my ways of course I would. But life doesn't always work that way. I do wonder what we would've become my dear, and sometimes in the middle of the nite I'm wide awake missing you babe. This song played in the car at the end of our relationship and she turned it up and there was an eerie silence between us as we both listened.......Guys if you love her show her everyday !! Don't ever put her second !! She is more important then your buddies !! Surprise her with flowers sometimes !! Open the car door for her treat her like she is a queen !! Don't go looking for greener grass if your laying in it already !! Embrace what you have and be thankful for it !! True love is so hard to find don't squander it away like I did !! ......So you won't be like me missing her years later posting a post like this.
Dalton Sensing:
When me and my ex girlfriend as soon as she left this song came.
Holly Dahl:
I just miss you and I wish you were a better man
Janet Garrison:
I don't do this anymore....wishing. It's been 3 years. I never wanted to be single, when I said "I do" i thought he was the best man ever and it would be forever. But he isn't a good man and didn't stand by his word.
Jayson Symmonds:
Anybody notice Cam is in this video?
Joseph Doern:
I lost a once in a lifetime love when she gave up trying because I was not the man she deserved this song hits me hard. She needed a better man and I couldn't swallow my pride to be that for her.
Mr. Carrolltucky:
I was a better man, she just couldnt wait for me due to the deployments. Wish it wouldve been me than my bud who died over there. Smh.
Nola Cross:
Savanna Barnes:
its to bad Taylor Swift wrote this. Its too good of a song
Sheip romary:
I love this song. i cry when I hear it. it reminds me of a relationship I was in but it didnt last. I know I'm alot better off on my own. then to be mistreated.
Sphyro FoxFire:
I can imagine taylor swift singing this... Speak Now Album vibes :>
Teri Endicott:
Thank you all . God I miss my wife. thanks for helping
Turtle mommy:
To my Ex......from...your Ex ! never thought I'd run.....!
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