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Ben Killen:
There aren't enough words in this or any language to describe how freakin' phenomenal this all is... 13 !
Chandler Keaton:
Feel like my wife wrote this song for me. Still talk everyday but miss bein with my family. Sweet face I know u love this song and I know u come here to watch and listen to the music videos. Well if u read this just want u to know I'm not gonna ever give up on u beautiful
I love u my angel and 5 and a half months apart has shown me that there is no way I can go thru this life without u. It's really not life at all babe, just wakin up every morning hopin the pain might have eased of a little but it's only worse. U used to love me more than any woman has ever loved a man. Like a stubborn fool I tore u down I neglected u and I talked down to u. I took the joy out of ur life and made u Kim the wife and mother and not Kim the person. I've said sorry so much probably doesn't mean much now. I can see I've made u numb. But I'm not giving up on us angel. U used to always remind me when times were good that we were made for each other. U told me I would regret neglecting u. U sure were right my love. I'm the world's biggest fool. I had the most perfect loyal loving wife an mother a man could ask for and I blew it. I can only tell u beautiful angel that if anyone has ever learned their lesson it's me. Dang my heart hurts bad. Just miss holdin u and cuddlin with u and kickin myself for all the times I could a did that and didn't. I'm not ever giving up tho. I'm never movin on never gettin over u. I don't wanna get over u angel. If I have to I will just live the rest of my life alone on my pa's farm single forever. But I'm always gonna keep this ring on my finger and pray that one day the good lord gives u the forgiveness in ur heart and u come back to me. If I ever get that chance it will be even better than it was in the beginning and this time it will be forever. Still lovin u to the moon and missin u like crazy sweet face.
Dana Nikolais:
hope that girl i love comes back someday, im sure you all get that!!!
Ilene Petersen:
❤ I gave to you my best and we both know you can't say that
can't say that
I wish you were a better man ❤
Jacob Miller:
She is so freaking gorgeous. That guy is a complete idiot
Megan Hasenmueller:
Wtf is going on in this music video. There's no logic to it. WEAK. Love the song though.
Melissa Bott:
I just wish it wasn't so hard to leave...
Michele Progress Daily:
Not everyone in this world will love us
Not everyone in this world will like us
But everyone in this world will be our teacher's.
Rhiannon Elness:
I love this song so much it makes me cry haha
Saint Roman:
if I'm your f****** Dad how are we still going to be in love if I were a better man the f*** are you talking about
Stuart B:
Wow. I don't know what her name is but she is definitely a talent. Would love to see some solo work. Such an encamptivating voice.
Zachary Jones:
Am I the only guy here who wishes he was a better man?
kathy van Meter:
I love this song and it's awesome
saurabh mishra:
my guy dumped me just a week ago.
and the reason he gave me was the stupidest one I have ever heard. he blocked me from everywhere.
whenever I listen to this song I just feel like crying. this song feels so much like my own story.
trucker wrecker:
he never apologized before he died....

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