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Anyhony Orphan:
this song grabbed me I hope to go sober one day
Christina Meyers:
me and my husband split u for about two months because he got really bad into drugs. he went to saint Vincent psycho Ward. and I missed him so much. but when he got out he was a better man. and now this song is going to be played at our renew of our vows I love my husband.
Cierra Hurlburt:
I love this song so much😍😍
Dbl Shots:
this song just hits home for me after 9 years of being with an abusive alcoholic I finally got the courage to run, I do love him but it's toxic relationship. and of he was a better man maybe we could still be together again
Helen Tee:
I too need a better man who can take care of me. After being left alone for almost 4 years.
this is such a good song! No matter who the writer, Little Big Town kills it every time
KC Hell Kat:
I want to run,but still here hoping to get the same man I married after 39 years together
Kenneth Kiefer:
Lakhota Harker:
Nice song and I like it but this video is so fucking stupid
Lucas Cady:
Why's Karen's tongue and lips so pink?! WTF My gramps looked the same right before he crooked?! The big "C"
Parker Cobb:
This reminds me of my stepfather. Spent 4 years with that abuse man. It has been almost 2 years since he left. I'm happy without him, but sometimes I want him back. If only he wasn't abusive.
Parris Malloy:
This is helping me right now. 😔
Patrick Saxon:
It saddens me when women are verbally abused or physically abused, as I could not do a woman wrong. If I were given a chance, I would cherish a wonderful woman. It is about her, not me as I want to make her mine, make her a special blessing to the both of us.
Sophia Riccardi:
This song was written by Taylor Swift. And yes they do still write their own songs but Taylor wrote this one.
Tracy Falls:
I love this song, the words are so true for woman that had a man, I stayed with a man for 3yrs, hoping he would change and he didn't, so I'm letting go and it hurts badly, because I love him so much. my heart aches for him, but I deserve better I know this.

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