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Alex Chao:
Bridgette Lane:
love this song & the singers, touches a special place in my soul!❤
Debbie Doyle:
i just love the song better man it should be better woman
Don Presley:
T.S deserves to find her true love, Amen
Donna Malone:
Different perspective for me. Not physical or verbal abuse. Just got pregnant. We planned to marry. A week later his dad said no. Huge consequences with a family business. He said we had to have an abortion. Trust him he said, it would make it better for us. Only thing was I couldn't deal with the aftermath. No one tells you about the pain. We were parents then we weren't. I was hurt and angry. Wasn't sure really why at the time. I had agreed to do something my heart couldn't handle. Years later and after lots of healing, I wondered why he didn't fight for me and our son. I know it was a boy, he came to me in a dream. He was a good man but we were young and in love. I just wish he had been a better man. I wish I had walked away on my own. I should have ran.
Dwayne Dies:
Poor TRICK !may be you should have been a BETTER WOMAN!!!!!!
James Franklin:
do unto others as you would want them to do unto you....... you don't want to live this way
Jamie Brown:
Jordan Muldoon:
this song makes me see things in a different perspective, sorry to all the better woman I hurt
Leslie Whitmire:
13k people wish they were better men
Mark Mealy:
I drive truck we had 12 trucks b for economy fell im starting again and this song makes me think is for better or
You can't leave this empty:
7 months later, still wishing he was a better man.
bianca zamarripa:
i had to leave a man who took adv of me. i pd all his bills. cooked his food. ironed his clothes & did his laundry. he had no job. going on 4yrs. i gave him 17yrs. i left. but i wish he were a better man
jap pollo:
Love the Song..... HATE ..(Middle of the night that I can Feel you again But I just miss you.)
rohan venuto:
if they make new Friday the 13th movie put this as a sound track

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