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Crystal So Random:
my current situation. I got married November 5th. before that I had a miscarriage. we have a 3yr old together. in currently pregnant at 25 weeks. my son and I had to move from ga to ohio because the landlords wouldn't fix the septic tank and lines. due to it a health issue and not having anywhere to go in ga me and our 3yr old came to live with my dad in ohio. it has been since end of Jan. my husband don't talk to me anymore, don't ask about our son, don ask about our unborn, don't ask about the pregnancy. in high risk now due to a complete placenta previa. he missed our son birthday party last weekend. he stopped sending us money, dont call me, he dont email, dont text nothing. idk what is going on but I hate going through what he's putting us through. I wish he was a better man. I been with him for almost 4yrs now. he has never been like this till I left ga to come to ohio. I dont want to move back to ga for good personal reasons. he has a good job and that is only reason why he staying in ga. but it isn't worth it. :( Im trying to stay positive and pray our situation gets better. but we shall see. he is now living in a hotel and both our cells shut off and he has my car which my tags about to expire and I don't care at this point. please pray for us. I'm dealing with high anxiety and depression. this is my second marriage and I want it to be my last and I want it to last till I die.
Ethan Cool Monkey:
I was heart broken when I found out Taylor Swift wrote this song... < / 3
It's High Noot:
At 3:13, is it actually her singing, without any adjustments?
Jason Brown:
hmm....not a country fan....whats it mean when your ex sends you this link at 1 am on a tuesday?
Keith Salyers:
I truly think this is LBT's best song yet!  POWERFUL!
Ken Ellis:
This fits so many people, its hard to love and not get love back! But maybe one day they will see what they lost
This is my fav song!!!♥♥♥♥
Missy Murray:
That blue dress though! OMG LOVE IT! #WANT
Pauline Rolle:
+Pauline Rolle, I love this song so much. April 19,2017.
Sophia maria:
This song reminds me of my Ex husband he past away in November he was only 44 he was a good man with an addiction that killed him. We had two kids he was my everything my first love I still miss him.
Tina Proffitt:
My baby girl would still be alive !!! Gave up my my house my job of 13 years was tired of the black eyes and broken noses but that woman KILLED my baby girl

Tulsa Cajun:
God.... I miss my wife so much! I want her and my Family back.
Wink Shine:
I can really relate to this song. Emotional abuse is horrible tatangaka:
wow Taylor swift wrote this song. Love 💓💓💓 relate much!!!
mega Starr:
Taylor Swift and Little Big Town are amazing

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