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Adelynn Hubach:
Amanda Corriher:
this came out the day my divorce was final it was inspirational and
heartbreaking at the same time
Never big country fan but I love this song. I was in the Army and we were
apart. I wasn't handling it well, she was going through her own problems
but I was only thinking about myself. I drank too much, was self centered
and lost her. Sober now and realize how much I needed her. Been three
months now and it's not getting better and she won't speak to me. I really
wish I was a better man.
so I'm ending my marriage right now God this is the perfect song to explain
the situation.
Inyugi Neccology:
It got "come back be here" vibes, im still sad why come back be here wan't
a single by taylor swift 😢
Jamie Flores:
I just love this song it's such great words they did awesome
Jodie Bratager:
This is why I love Country music. This song describes perfectly how I was
feeling when I was trying to get over my ex and finally let myself let go.
K2G Mane:
Че за хуйня где Ильич?
KM Paul (KMPaul):
I remember the when my grandpa took my little hand and took me the piano .
The first touch was miracle . the smell of the old wood. passion was
burning n my pupils. From then i never when near to the piano but i always
had that feelings hat i should do a music. now I am an adult and i wanna
make my childhood dream come true. I write my own music and sing it. I
might not be the best but I really enjoy doing it. I hope you would like to
hear my music too) you can welcome yourself in my channel. thanks for
Kimberly Stephens:
so hits the nail on the head. im so out
Lydia Bush:
I just love music youtube has it all
Mojo Ashley:
And I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man 😢😨😈
Pedo Phil:
I keep imagining Taylor singing this
Tine Serweytens Bulté:
The energy and feels Little Big Town put in this song is amazing!
i forgot my name:
This is what you came for
better man
I don't wanna live forever
wtf is going on Taylor??

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