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>>UNDISPUTED ON FS1>>Alabama vs Clemson | National Championship Predictions | UNDISPUTED
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This is why Skip Bayless is DA MAN!!!
Edward Brito:
Lol Alabama Invitation... best part lol.
Johnny Clemson:
The CLEMS()N Invitational. Eat it.
Logan Battles:
Skip picked Clemson, 31-28. I picked Clemson 31-28. Wow!
Marco Polo:
Skip Bayless smells his own farts.
way to Go Skip ! your cohost is a nice guy......but you are the man
Sevemiestro #1:
nice mouth dude..please close it 35-31
haha so many bama haters i love it. 8th straight number 1 recruiting class haha, we'll see yall again next year. #sotiredofthemwinning
Thomas Mills:
It's almost like skip could see into the future. It looked bad at first, in the end Clemson 35-31!
Tony Lombardo:
This show is a weak imitation of Skip's show on ESPN with Stephen A. Smith. 'Typical Fox. 'No imagination. 'No originality.
Who wins tonight | Clemson or Alabama?
Urban 'Heart Attack' Meyer:
"Without the help of the refs, our 40 year plus championshipless drought would of definitely continued".

- Dabo
jd carmona:
I hate Shannon sharpe so much. Such a double in the way he condescends people
even Skip is right sometimes 😂
Thank you for the new car Clemson!

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe make their picks for tonight's National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Clemson Tigers.

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