LaMelo Ball FOULS OUT In Close One!! Full Game Highlights

>>IN THE LAB NEWS>>LaMelo Ball FOULS OUT In Close One!! Full Game Highlights
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All of you online coaches need to shut up. Whatever they're doing works, and that's all that matters
Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城:
they would have won if they hit some free throws and that white kid would stop forcing up bad lay ups
Eric Yang:
watching this is almost as bad as having to watch the nba allstar game
James james:
LaMelo doesn't do defense but when he did he got fouled out
Juan Lazcano:
The ball brothers defense lookin like James harden
KJ Moore:
well the refs tried they best to get the upset...ticky-tac bs calls
Nigel Cooper:
How you foul out when you barely play defense or drive to the rack
P Swizzy:
the guy on lemelos team who had the same type of haircute as him had nice hustle
Pearson Jackins:
I'm fucking tired of seeing lamelo ball in every fucking video, we get it, hes a d1 prospect
Remy Mace:
The Ball brothers are the only one shooting ...
Yung Pac:
i fucking swear this kid is overhyped as fuck. i bet that niggas shooting percentage was 5
cool mill:
Super different seeing a full game, seems like they just jack up shots, and it doesn't go in most of the time lmao
imari lenior:
This shit is just sad this isn't organized basketball they coach tripping
I thought hearing the sound of the rim clanking every time the ball hit was annoying until the refs started to blow the whistle every time someone breathed on another person...
clark high school just knew how to play team ball, really they were overmatched talent-wise

    Clark High School out of Las Vegas, NV nearly made what could’ve been one of the biggest upsets in HS basketball. A very young team, Clark HS looked well prepared for their biggest game of the year. The Ball brothers(Gelo & Melo) took a combined 79 shots in the game to rack up 68 points. Despite Melo & Okongwu fouling out the game, Chino Hills squeezes out the win…

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