Steve Smith's X's & O's preview of Packers-Cowboys playoff matchup | UNDISPUTED

>>UNDISPUTED ON FS1>>Steve Smith's X's & O's preview of Packers-Cowboys playoff matchup | UNDISPUTED
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Thank GOD for ex players on these type shows.  They actually know what they are talking about and they have something to say. They are not just attacking athletes because they know it makes the 18 to 34 year old , fantasy guys feel good. Call them beast and monsters and  long armed and say they have paws instead of hands. Get 'em !   Cause we are to scared to. It's so nice to see ex players speaking on things they KNOW, instead of talk show host and announcers trying to baby the " scared " little boys who shake in their boots at the site of Cam Newton....,,,Just Saying....
Anom BF:
Jeff Janis. write that down guys.
Games 2Touch:
Rookies always choke, and who's going to stop Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay line will hold Sean Lee
Glenn Hinkle:
Steve smith sr. is gold at a table first take and undisputed
J Jones:
didnt rod marinelli go 0-16with the lions lol
Jimmy Xiong:
"You walk around here like the game is already play" lol
the cowboys haven't beaten anyone, and they've had close games against mediocre opponents, be very afraid
Lennard Thobiasen Hage:
I called it in August, I did.... 😂😂😂😂😂
Mark Slodovnick:
Why does nobody ever mention that Aaron Rodgers marched down the field right after he got the ball back. The time it took for the drive would still have allowed him to win the game by a couple of points, even if Dez made the catch.
Rodney Hendricks:
hey y'all look at Steve's eyes... lol he looks like he just smoked a blunt
I think Steve Smith has it dead on. It's going to come down to the team that has the better day, not necessarily the team that's outright better.
Tremain Threat:
That 32yd pass on 3rd & 20 from Rodgers to Cook with a few seconds left was absolutely legendary!!!! Told y'all NOBODY is stopping him from getting this SuperBowl, keep thinking otherwise
Will the Packers beat the Cowboys this week?
Smith analysis confirmed... could've gone either way. Next up: Skip to disregard Rodgers' last throw, give all glory to the kicker and whine about bad calls.
patrick satchell:
Man put some respect on the Dallas Cowboys Name we are home and the #1 seed for a reason let's go Boys 35-28 America's team ⭐🌟⭐🌟

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