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Adam Hoke:
I love the song😍😍😍😍😍😍
it's kinda reminding of that "stepford wives" kinda town - it's the guitar/ banjo work that makes the song great not all the boobs and butts- don't get me wrong- "Id still move there and all that junk!", just say'in.
Brody King:
For some reason now that I listen to these guys my mood Is happy and bright. They just give that positive vibes.
Chrystal Povilonis:
I love Georgia Florida line❤💚💜💙💙💜❤🌖💚💜💙
Kathleen Theis-ferder:
Damn, y'all make it fun to be a girl, such sweet southern gentlemen with mad sweeeet talent....and I'm not a country music fan normally, but damn your song with Nelly, "cruise ", all are so hot & sexy and I love ya, every one of ya! Wish I'd have stayed in the south.....lived in Louisiana for a few years when I was young. I always wonder what would I be doing if I had stayed living there, if my parents did not move us away… Because of my dad's jobs we lived in so many states… But y'all are making me wish I had to stay down south, because I'd like to think one of the things I'd be doing today would be jumping up into the cab of your Chevy with a lift kit… If y'all were nice enough to invite me to, that is! Seriously though, I want to be every girl in your video I just want to just, OK I better stop here...'cuz you're more than likely all married / taken...so I better not go there, I apologize to your wives and girlfriends... there's no way any of y'all in FGL could be single! I often wonder, had I stayed down south, there damn I sure would've loved to cross paths with you somewhere on one of those back country roads blowing stop signs through the little farm towns..❤️ your tune, "Cruise...even without Nelly's special 'splash' " is PHENOMENALLY AMAZING! Just your (okay, God help me here, y'all seriously have me amped up) pure--driven deep in your hearts and souls--has me droolin' just a little bit here, won't go into details but just so y'all know this, y'all are a true rarity in this world!!! I'm your FAN FOR LIFE!!
I've been living in Oregon for so long now & NO LIE...one 1, UNO!! only one, guy I have gone on a date with has opened my car door for me, and I took a Serious note to that, that made me feel SO damn special...even niece, ten yrs later, and it's STILL engrained into my memory, FOREVER! (Now both of you videos (with or without Nelly....but seriously if anybody could ever tell Nelly that he turned me onto y'all, and how extremely enamored by ALL of y'all, I feel like I've fallen in love; I feel like I can't live without you…holy smokes -- I truly cannot even stop saying enough, because wow, a double/triple wow! I am ever so grateful I found your song "Cruise, w/Nelly...while watching a Portland Trailblazers (B-Ball game...my favorite of all time, EVER) & every time when the fourth quarter begins they do a replay to an awesome song one of the trailblazer staff get to pick the song that they play in the background while showing the awesome first three quarters of sweet playfamily members, ATC I have requested their favorite songs, and thank you Brooke Olzendam (Who is so damn lucky to be able to interview my favorite blazers)!! I want to take her place someday more than ever, she even gets in their locker room to do interviews pre/post game, etc.; I soooo wanna be Her, what a dream job and a half!
OH MY GOODNESS gracious gumdrops, those LUCKY GIRLS of yours! (I'm super clover green with envy), 'cuz they actuallyget to sit in the passenger seat of your Chevys 'with a lift kit p, making it a whole lot better looking with them up in it" HFor Sure!!!!! Y'all are quite lucky yourselves! Hot women likely just crawling all over y'all!
I'm pretty sure this message will probably not make it to you, because I'm sure you get thousands of these messages, make that millions, sorry! And HOT 'n' super Sexy women EVERYWHERE are (Without a doubt) likely just crawling all over y'all… I just wanted you to know, you have made this girl super happy by just simply watching y'all in this video, alone, to this song… Damnnnnnnn! (🔥Sizzzzzling!!) H-O-T..seriously! I'm needing a cold shower. Ohhhhhh..Anyway ... THANK YOU, EACH OF Y'ALL : 1) being SO VERRRRY Talented, 2) for sharing those special talents with the world, 3) your SUPER SUGARY Sweet Southern charms! 4) For treating your ladies SO SWEETLY, And 5) HUGE Thanks to Brooke Olzendam (A great, sweet and cute as heck, special Blazer reporter) for picking this tune to the best of the first 3 Quarters replay!
OH ... yeah, I have but one more question, is it OK if I share this sweet video with my Facebook friends, so they, too will see how AWESOME y'all are....& or is that infringing on copyright laws? I Don't want to break any laws! I'd love to see y'all come to Portland soon! (PRETTY PLEASE, with Sugar on top!!!!!???!!!)!
Lawrence Wilson:
Sorry kids, my country charm turns up to 11!!! lol
Matt The M:
Crap!...where were you guys 20 years ago? I can still daydream though. thanks for a great song and video!
Mersadez Saxbury:
you are my favorite song artistes
Paulino Serratos:
I wish you could bail hay with a tank top that's some serious hay fever 😂 good song though 🤘
bryce clark:
Who else misses when fgl played these songs vs the new stuff
devin mul:
Love the vibe this songs puts off :)
emma gould:
love you guys so true love contry boys grew up on a farm that is the life man
He's ready to raise some hail. 😐 These guys are a fucking disgrace to true country music.
I'm here because I was hoping they hadn't covered Counting Crows. I was VERY relieved.
katie byrd:
This is awesome and I love ❤️ it
Anyone who has ever baled hay knows you wouldn't wear a wife beater or your arms would be shredded lol sad what country music has came too

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