Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)
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2023: Thomas Hunter:
am i the only one suprised to see thors brother
Alma Naylor:
the very first song I heard and I was hooked on Zac Brown Band.
Brian Clark:
I ain't ever going to change!!!!
Father Reason:
I love this song, this band, country music. I drive logging trucks up in Canada and im sometimes 3 to 6 hours one way into the bush at 2am blizzards and got the country music going on Sat radio. Thank you for country music.
James Halfhorse:
I come back to this song every so often. It brings back memories and it hurts but maybe it needs to.
Jose luis Luevano:
6.8k can't stand the colder weather.
Julia grossmueller:
Used to relate o this when I was datin my hubby.. missed him when we were part.
Kolin Murphy:
My actual fav song like if u agree
Ik this songs about a girl n all but it always reminds me of my grampy King fish it always tears me up
OFL Illusion:
Im doing this song for a project in school (Poem Explication) and after completely tearing down the song and finding out everything about it and every hidden meaning, MY GOD THIS IS A GOOD SONG. I don't like country music, but knowing the lyrics to this song, and the meaning made it SO GOOD. By far one of my favorite songs of all time
Vicki Puidokas:
The words his voice are so hard to describe beyond perfection
Whitney Eve:
This song will forever remind me of my ex. I’m the lover and he’s the runner. I’ll never forget him, our time together I’ll forever cherish. Wish he could’ve been a better man.
brelyn simpson:
My heart is in my stomach right now 😥😭
cindy mock:
This is before Zac started putting out crap. And this song is how my ex husband told me he was leaving me and our son to go be with another woman. He is now father to her 2 kids and owes me 30K in back child support. He didn't show for our son's graduation, never saw him play ball, and has never saw our son, who is 20 now, preach. Woke up with song in my head this morning. Yea, it's gonna be one of those days
The kind of music that goes straight to the heart,I love it

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