Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)
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Andre Curry:
the woman in Colorado knows how much this song has always meant to
us...since 2012 word for word
Brittany Atherton:
my grandpa used to sing this song to me beforehe passed away
Bryan Jones:
It's a shame about the weather.
Caleb R:
back in the day when snow was a thing lol
Debbie Sklenar:
gypsies are known for leaving we travel a lot and run from love
Janell Minton:
Reminds me of, a once upon a time.
Kari Stinnett:
Wow, played in Roseberrg Oregan for me, at car dealership, while I was
looking for Cory
Liliana Gonzalez Star:
Hola soy de Argentina de la provincia del chaco y me encanta todas las
Ray F:
This is one of my favorite songs and I love country music but i wish there
were more songs like this
Ron Kingan:
these guys are incredible artist
thats thors fucking brother lol why is he in a zac brown music video
Zane Giron:
Mahalo and Aloha for the great music.
Wow what an amazing playlist ! i wanna thank you for putting it all
together ..Ive always listened to rock like Supertramp,Bob Seger and so
much more im into this new country music :) some say its like the old
rock of the 80s ..wtv it is i love it ,so thanks again and Happy new Year
to each of you
I like Rose Awen, interpretation, but I believe he is too afraid to commit,
loves her one minute, cares for the other minute, next minute not even on
his radar. Only on his radar when he is feeling lonely or horny.
Lonely-colder. or colder bad relationship he cannot get out of, or actually
don't want to get out of so his significant other is colder. Just my
thoughts beautiful song, just the same. Only thing he needed in the video
was a lonely train whistle as it winds through the hills. I wonder if any
of us are close, curious what the writer had in mind.
Владимир-сын путина- Пост:
Song was dedicated to me and i dont understand what the message is? help,

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