Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)
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Amanda Ruiz:
listened to this for closer on a past love
Arnold Kath:
Sac has such a great voice, he is definitely gifted
Ashley Leehans:
my favorite song by the Zac Brown Band. I showed this song to my boyfriend and he started crying
Channel M:
Music videos today all fucking suck, I don't get it. The only good one I've seen is "dirt"
Connie Holmes:
"Your a Ramblin man, You ain't ever gonna change! You got a Gypsy soul to blame, and you were born for leaving!! love it!!!
Deidre Langton:
dedicated to Robert...with all my love beside you.
Gabriel McNeese:
not many country bands I like but this band is good.
Makenzy Skarky:
i listen to this song and i what to see my dad i was only 6 when he left i pray every night hoping he is ok but he has done bad things but i love him so much i what to see you again daddy
Mary Dutton:
I miss my husband he in prison it makes him feel like he is here
McKenzie Wohlford:
Is it a little weird that a close relative looks like that man in the music video?
Richard Bender:
Great song. Dumb video. Why can't they just do a video about what the song really means about the guys on the road missing their wives/gf's?? And the ones that won't wait for them. I dunno.
Whenever I start thinking that Country is going down the tubes, I try to think of this song, and remember that at least someone's still got it.  We may no longer have Cash; Williams; Haggard; et cetera- but this song shows that the genre isn't dead.                                                                                                                        Perhaps that sounded nostalgically cynical.  It wasn't supposed to be.
T Ramos:
one day I will have my colder weather...
Tiger Westfall:
wish IN 1 hand and SHIT IN THE OTHER
kyle Diemert:
ya people ya fuckin funny how people just think they got one over on u they didn't

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