Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)
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Amanda Pelletier:
I love love love this song.. it is amazing
Austin Smith:
Tej Fury you are 100% correct, this is poetry and its one of my favorite songs
Elisa Marie:
I love this song so much. It reminds me so much of my own life. I'm from Colorado, Except for I'm not the one left behind, I'm the one leaving. I've been traveling the past couple years, and it cuts me to the bone whenever I leave home, yet I know I need to leave. I'm currently living in Alaska, stuck in colder weather I guess. I love it here, but I always think about the next time I can go home, and see my loved ones.
Mr.Smiley McFace:
I need to learn this on piano and viola now
Patricia Rohman:
I like this band right off lyrics are so real so raw I lost swweetheart.oct 6 15 we love (d) listening to you like you we are wanna be musicians but I can truly feel each and every experience in there music stores about life the good times the bad the happy sad but you feel it I've caught my self driving down the road laughing and CRYING SINGING TO ONE OF THERR SONGS BUT THE MOST HEALING SONG I EVER HEARD IT WAS AT 430 IN MORNING AT TRUCK STOP ALL ALONE JUST LOST MY SWEETHEART TO CANCER BUT LOST MY BROTHER TO ADDICTIONS t then my father a month after Nov 5th 15 healing and God FELT.AND STILL FEELING the song bittersweet memories is and was our stories thank you for keeping me going you touch so many people with a touch of God's gift to us all love ya guys thanks agian keep em. coming
Sasquatch Gaming:
This song makes me think about the easy/hard life we go through with or without family people don't care about life or other people god and Jesus made us so appreciate a little bit
At the end does he say whispering pines or western pines?
you were born for leaving ............ uuuuuufffff my heart just broke
St Sk:
I wondered if his love would be strong enough to make him stay ... but it wasn't
Steven Wright:
it feels like what I go threw with my wife and my addiction .... god help me get clean... thank u zac brown band u have been my favorite for years... I know it has nothing to do with the song but I feel my addiction is the colder weather (an excuse) why I don't come home sometimes..... she doesn't deserve that... sorry to waste yall's time.. if u can't relate be happy... u don't want to go through what i m going through... :(
Summer Walter:
I want to cry eveytime I hear this song
Vickie Worthington:
gamer bros:
I fucking love this and I'm from the hood
joe hillairet:
I just love this song. I hope we can see them on one of our rides next year
this is like when I was young I was dating for five years and then she ended up moving away but I know some day we will be together # happy valentine's day everyone.

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