Florida Georgia Line - Get Your Shine On

>>FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO>>Florida Georgia Line - Get Your Shine On
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Bad Ass Mofo:
I'd kill someone to be in this video lol
Bilal Ahmad:
Please FGL make songs like this. Iisten many song but i got bored but your song nice
Clayton Evans:
I miss this Florida Georgia line
Country Boy:
FGL is the only band that's I can listen too when ever I feel down and makes my life a lot better ya'll
Dark Knight1149:
One of my favorite songs to listen to
Dom Borelli:
Idk why but this has to be my fav song by them it just makes me happy
Evan Spader:
pool tiles @ 0:18 unless there partying on a beach full of broken beer bottles
Extremely Madness me:
I love love love love love all of there songs.Never stop singing favorite band ever
Haylea Renee:
Any one still here in late December 2017
Jaime Sanchez:
I'm stone cold in love with a girl who GETS HER SHINE ON
John Rupczyk:
Kaleah Collins:
Damn theyre kindah hot in a hillbilly way
Nurul Kharisma:
I'm here just because they mentioned my most favorite band Shinedown
Robert O'Neal:
Keep the blonde I'll take the brunette and get her shine on
jbobbo 05:
i feel so old listening to this lol

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