Florida Georgia Line - Get Your Shine On

>>FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO>>Florida Georgia Line - Get Your Shine On
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Bilal Ahmad:
Please FGL make songs like this. Iisten many song but i got bored but your song nice
Carter Ehrenhard:
you guys got a good voice, and a good song
Hey Jankowski:
It's nice how there not dead with electricity in the ocean
Jaime Sanchez:
I'm stone cold in love with a girl who GETS HER SHINE ON
Lyllian Eck:
It's been a while since I've heard this song
Melanie ortega:
I love theses guy there shuch good contery singers
Nicole Turner:
This is my favorite country band
Noah Browning:
AWSOME SONGS!!!!!!!!!+!!!!!×!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy Russell:
Randy Russell this I was there sorry .
Ricky Butler:
You guys should reshoot this and do it naked and sent it to each other and sing each other into the nevermind.
Tours Across Morocco:
OMG! it's 2018 and still litening, freaking love it :)
jbobbo 05:
i feel so old listening to this lol
jim blatt:
shake your sugar shaker over here and get your shine on
sports guy:
i still love fgl, but man watching these videos man what happened to them 🙄 lol
terry murphy:
I love all of Florida Georgia Line songs

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