John Denver ♥ Take Me Home, Country Roads (The Ultimate Collection) with Lyrics

>>arjahelen>>John Denver ♥ Take Me Home, Country Roads (The Ultimate Collection) with Lyrics
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Take me home Country Roads,John Denver

I go to school in West Virgina and this song descirbes WV perfectly, it is so beautiful there just like this song. I cant wait to go back to the place i belong <3
Khurram Shahid:
this is called "a song" !! brilliant. :)
Legacy 121212:
this song reminds my dad of his late mother.... every time he hears it he Cry's and he's 59.... 1 like = 1 less tear
MBCjesseli Zorro:
Born a Kentuckian, always a Kentuckian.
Musaab Ahmed:
its a song about remeberence of home
U made this song more beautiful by adding such nice photos
Raya/Rainbow Heart:
This was my dad's favorite song when he was younger
I love this song so much ❤️
Stefan Diaconu:
I'm looking for a KKona in the coments but I don't see it.
Stefanie Tetenburg:
Well i am from holland and my mom was a big fan. I love his voice and sometimes i have to cry.
Thang Nguyen:
Alien: Convenant brought me here.
Very catchy song.
Whispers of the Heart brought me here
google yahoo!:
From Japan
This song is very good!
I remember the country of Japan.
alien covenant teleported me here fack..:)
Erizabeth Shaw sing this in alien covenant