The 7ft 8in Teen Who Can’t Stop Growing

>>Barcroft TV>>The 7ft 8in Teen Who Can’t Stop Growing
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Anderson Rivera:
Im the smallest in my class.

Im 4.5 feet tall .-.
Angelocker Renacia:
Shaq would be surprised if they met each other...😨
Bo Jordan:
He seems so sweet this kid might have a disorder but he has a huge heart ♥‿♥
Dion Strachan:
Just like a python poor boy feel sorry for him .
Emerson Jackson:
5’2 in kindergarten I’m 5’2 in year 6/grade 5 that’s is tall
Greg Unruh:
I’m 55 years old and 6’1”. I wouldn’t want to be any taller. It becomes hard to buy things like bicycles or backpacks off the shelf, and I’ve had lots of jackets and shirts with sleeves too short.
My son just turned 16, he is 6’4”, wears a size 14 shoe, and still growing. He is starting to realize it’s not such a great thing. I hope he stops growing but I’m afraid he isn’t through yet.
Kyle Molloy:
That shot at the end tho.. what a legend❤️
The tallest person ever was 8 foot 11
Mav Mason:
5’2 in Kindergarten! Wow!!! I was like 4’2!!!
If he keeps growing, they’re going to need a bigger car
I guess he’s going on any amusement park ride lol
TRICIA Macdonald:
He needs some shoe inserts. He needs custom orthotics. It would help his feet, ankles and back. My arches have started falling and I am almost completely flat footed with my left foot slanted inward and it hurts my ankle so much to walk. That makes my back hurt alot. I got some orthotics that fit in my shoes and it has made all the difference. I won't go anywhere without them. They fit in other shoes as well.
Toby Gutermuth:
And I thought it would be fun being a giant
what if he drinks alot of coffee so his growth will shorten or will it?
5”2 IN KINDERGARTEN??? the fact that I’m in 8th and still not 5”2

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A GIANT teenager has reached a record-breaking height of 7ft 8ins - and is still growing. Broc Brown, who was officially the world’s tallest teenager before becoming too old for the 18-and-below classification, is growing at the rate of six inches a year. If he maintains that rate, the 19-year-old from Michigan could easily surpass the current world’s tallest man, Sultan Kosen, who stands at 8ft 2ins.

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