Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried live at Hangout Festival 2015

>>willsfc>>Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried live at Hangout Festival 2015
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Daniel Weston:
man that classical guitar is gonna be a new "Trigger" :)
Lauren Haarmans:
SO very American, I love it so much!
Loves it:
4:25 Unity!!!! I'm so so happy
Shelagh Krakower:
"get her legs straight up" LOLOLOL
Steve Back:
Should have had some Marines and Army up there as well!
FUCKING M'URICA. Getting goosebumps watching that flag dance in the wind.
Any other pro shot of this show ? Is there any pro shot of a full show on
this tour ? thx !
A great nation is built loving , which is why USA is one of the best .
Argentina is only loved when the national team plays against Brazil, Chile
or Uruguay. When the veterans of Malvina's War come back to home, HERE, the
peoples hid they, for "shame" ...

When i went to USA on vacations i understood why they are what they are.

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