White Boy Rips it at the Apollo

>>funnyfilm>>White Boy Rips it at the Apollo
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This was good for it's time. It's old now.
C G:
This must have been before the perpetually butthurt pussy generation's rise to power.
Candido Villasenor:
I like the crack at the heroin users that never fall over
Det. Maggie Sawyer NCPD:
I respect what he do, but i didn't find him really funny tho, but thats just me!
But he should keep doing his thing!
Fam D.:
What the hell was this? Begging for laughs.
Len G.:
If The title was black boy it would be considered racist.
Mush Room:
What a cringe fest... also a racist title.
Paul Williams:
What would the outrage be if CMA titled "Black Boy Plays the Guitar in Graceland"?
Spøøky Jim:
It's cool to say white boy rips it but if it said nigger rips it at apolo it would be totaly different
At the Apollo, if you're not as disgusting and foul mouthed as possible, they wont like you.
Man, that's got to be the best comedy show audience i've ever seen! The electricity in the room!
Vaughn Alexander:
shit. we gotta stop giving white people ghetto passes... thats how gentrification started... look at harlem now... white people moved there and are now trying to change it to "north manhattan"
deez nutz in your mouth! 420:
This dude sucks! I'm sorry but this guys jokes were corny as hell
marijuano rivera:
wow they set the bar real low at the apollo now.
Thats a full grown man not a boy

    White Boy Rips it at the Apollo. This is the comedian DC Benny ripping it on Showtime at the Apollo