White Boy Rips it at the Apollo

>>funnyfilm>>White Boy Rips it at the Apollo
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Buddy Black:
Everybody knows that Asian porn is actually mellowdramatic moans.
Haitian Nationalist:
Christ the comment section is full of a bunch of cry babies. I would not give a single shit if the title said "Black kid kills it at Carnegie Hall." Grow up you neo-Liberals
He made racist jokes at the Apollo, how did they not boo him lol
Outlandish Kreationz:
What if a black man performed at the apollo and I uploaded it and titled it "Black boy rips it at the Apollo?"...You really need to work on your presentation skills..
Very few American stand ups make me laugh, he's not one of them.
Rebecca Orange:
White boy? I was expecting a little kid lol
Rick Gross:
Hey wasn't there a black boy as US PREZ? Why you ppl trippin?
Tyler Buckley:
for the haters its hard for us white people to win over the audience in places like the Apollo in the fifties you had two greats bless the doors Buddy Hollie and Elvis I believe and they both did great as Buddy Hollie was new to the entertainment business with his rockabilly style and nothing but good performers come from there.
1. Good ol reverse racism. 2. He wasn't even that funny.
carl mcgee:
What the fuck is the n word? Do you mean nigger? Don't be a pussy.
just me:
that wasn't bad, but scratch the Ethiopia joke.
mike jones:
He's not even white LOL You morons he is JEWISH His real name is Ben Wartofsky that's a Jewish last name Check his Wikepedia its says his real name
samson Hagos:
"Slim Pads to Ethiopia!" huh??? ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ (That Wh*** MF !)
Is it disrespectful calling a black man a black boy?
tyrek popper:
Me no scar oo dahh white boi 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    White Boy Rips it at the Apollo. This is the comedian DC Benny ripping it on Showtime at the Apollo