White Boy Rips it at the Apollo

>>funnyfilm>>White Boy Rips it at the Apollo
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Carol Danvers:
Calling someone a white boy or black boy isn't fucking racist, lmao you wannabe oppressed white folks shut the fuck up
Henry Ratliff:
Why the fuck do you have to use "White Boy". Hes a human too
I wonder what would happen if a "White boy" put up a video titled "Black boy rips it at whatever place" I wonder if. that would be racist? hmmm
Joyce Jackson:
I've never heard of him. he's funny
how much did he do blow before the show
Justa Christian:
This was before Obama when we could all just get along and laugh at each other.
Manuel Cruz:
I remember the first time I saw this video there was not white people complaining about racism in the comments. Oh how have times changed.
Michael Jackson:
People calling racism fucking pussies hahaha
why do niggers call white men boys? to degrade them its pathetic i will call niggers black boys now
white boy that IS invited to the cook out
millenial faggots screaming its lame, its racist whatever etc etc without realizing just how hard it is to please crowds in Apollo and the fact that Benny had a harder time pleasing the crowd because most performers at the Apollo were black (hell, Benny said it himself in an interview about preforming at the Apollo on how nervous and afraid he was that the crowd wouldn't flow with his jokes).

This is why legends will continue to live on while faggots will continue to scream "dur hur u sukkkkk" while being absolute nobodies themselves.
carlos padilla villars:
black people have a sense of inferiority so that makes them so stupid with other people
joe chitwood:
black boy does that sound right ? or how about collard kid ? you pick
michael brandt:
Isn´t the hot black mama doing the intro, the actress who played the lead in the sitcom "The Parkers" ? I´m a white dude that has always been fascinated by black culture. Just think where would whitey be if it hadn´t been for black music ? Just my opinion on things.
His Chinese guy sounds like the "Didi Mao" guy from the Deer Hunter.

    White Boy Rips it at the Apollo. This is the comedian DC Benny ripping it on Showtime at the Apollo