White Boy Rips it at the Apollo

>>funnyfilm>>White Boy Rips it at the Apollo
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Alex Carrick:
These are barely funny. Like i'm barely cracking a smile and these people are dying. Was comedy just in a dark age 12 years ago and this was the best they had?
Charles Jones II:
Nobody clapped when he said he stopped smoking weed
Daniel Nanwood:
this was HILARIOUS but not everyones gonna get it this material is only gonna land at certain places, the apollo being one of them and thank the lord for it
Easy, just tell jokes about crack heads, chicken, grape juice, and rape and your basically covered.
Did a little bit better than pryors kid did that's for sure.
I don't see no "boy"! That's racist as hell to call him a "white boy"!
Kurt S:
This feels edited. Slimfast into Ethiopia was lame, and they laughed like they hadn’t heard anything funnier.
Lord Тасоббб:
I’m hig, watching a guy take about weed who looks high, there’s 42K likes and 4.2K dislikes. And currently around 4:20 here. Ya!
Love Over Hate Love Over Hate:
DC killed it. But where the special at though?
Mack Bolzano:
How about calling him white man??
Murielle G:
slim fast to Ethiopia??? Seriously??? Not even ashamed of that one??? And the audience even clapped??? Seriously???
Paddy Williams:
I don’t get the thermometer joke ?
Static Tiger:
I disliked this video simply due to the fact that you used the term "White Boy". This is the F-ing U.S. what's the point of saying white boy, black boy, Asian boy...etc. This stuff really gets on my nerves. The best way to end racism is to stop talking about it.
P.S. You should've said Comedian.
Wade Sharp:
Well that was short asf lol 3mins?!? He got paid for that ..gummon give him an hour i enjoyed him..esp for a brown guy😂
nigger nigger:
What of the title was nigger rips it at honorable Comedy club?

    White Boy Rips it at the Apollo. This is the comedian DC Benny ripping it on Showtime at the Apollo