How Bama Fans Watched The National Championship

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>why can't y'all stop the little guy
Hunter Renfrow is a hex college football can't solve.
Andrew Huber:
Love your vids. Just subbed. From a Clemson fan.
Crystaleyes4Jesus ROLL TIDE:
Here it is mid-Sept, 2017, season has started, today being week 3. I watch this, and DEJA VU, yeah. Eyes starting to dampen a bit in thoughts and memories of the game, these plays ..Then THAT SONG😒. You picked it, FM!!

**BUT THEN** you reminded me of our CRIMSON TIDE identity, and I was like(" OH, YEAH. That's right!! WE START "today"(Jan 10, 2017!!)!! We (are) gonna be "mad"(one of Coach Bear Bryant's quotes comes/came to mind). COME ON, TIDE!! This is the year of redemption!! WE GONNA ROLL!!! ALL CONFIDENCE!!

Then, I was reminded that the week of the NATTY-Ship game, I simply told people how I saw it overall:
*🐘Any way you look at it, BAMA WON!!!🐘 How? A BAMA 🐘 ALUM took the title home!! All in all, IT'S BAMA FOOTBALL, our history AND our present - WE BUILD AND MAKE WINNERS!!!!

ROLL, TIDE, ROOLLL!!! Rammer Jammer!!
Clemson ran the pic play the last play and scored that's illegal
Jaleigh Frazier:
But clemson fans still talking about what happend in january and this is august im just saying these clemson fans getting on my nerves good for you and yo team im just saying its gets on my nerves even hearing it clemson congratualtions give the credit to bama to roll tide all day good for you clemson you finnally won a ring
Jeremy Harrelson:
Love these videos. Keep em coming in 2017? But he's absolutely right: What we did in beating Bama , people will say will be easy in 2017. But they're wrong. You've got to have "Dudes", and you better be on your game with those dudes (see 2016 NCG). I think Bama fans know what i'm talking about. Bama is Big, Mean, and Nasty.
Nathan Trammell:
Yes sir! #Tiebreaker!!!! You're very entertaining and that's coming from a born and raised Clemson Fan!
PBG Jay:
warching this before Alabama vs FSU annnd they kicked the ball off riiiiight nowwww ROLLL TIDEEEE
Paula Marshall:
I'm a Clemson Tiger fan but I gotta say his is hilarious! Well done!
I hate to tell you this, but, you probably won't get another shot at Clemson...
Stephen Hoffman:
Great video's.Man it was hard watching that again.Like getting punch in your face.ROLL TIDE ROLL!
Tony U:
Great video. Good luck this year..
Wesley Edwards:
It's a new season. #OutworkYesterday
roger b:
I learned how to deal with this pain from the early seventies.
shana davis:
Even though I'm the biggest Bama fan,I still give it to Clemson because that was only there second championship ever,but this year started and bama is on freakin πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.Lets go at it again Clemson and see who wins now!

    Well Folks, its been a great ride this season and even tho the boys didnt finish like we wanted to, we know that better days are ahead & you cant win them all. To all the bandwagonners... dont let the door hit cha on the way out! Being a Bama Fan is a lifetime commitment, WIN OR LOSE & the process continues! #RollTide