Darius Rucker Invited to Become a Member of the Grand Ole Opry | Inductions and Invitations | Opry

>>Grand Ole Opry>>Darius Rucker Invited to Become a Member of the Grand Ole Opry | Inductions and Invitations | Opry
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April Crump:
Why does everything have to be about race. When i hear him sing all i hear is talent
Bittaker G:
Awesome. Had the privilege to see him and Brad sing in Sweden a few years back. Country music is world wide and colorblind.
So Happy for Darius. His voice is Magical
Dean Routh:
I love how security was ready to beat down some old people lol !!
Deann Gonzales:
Waste. How many times has he performed?
Liane Layman:
Darius is so great, congratulations to him.
Maurice Downer:
Darius Rucker is a great addition to the opry. He definitely deserves to be there.
Mustlove Dogs:
Darius Rucker is one of the nicest guys ever, you can just tell. And his voice is like silk. Love him.
What an honor to have Darius into the grand ole Opry family.
Shawn Dowers:
Darius you’ve earned and deserve it!! But dude get a better hat
Tony V:
I've got nothing negative to say about anything.
Zoya Spencer:
What a waste. They asked him before asking Crystal Gale.
j lll:
his reaction and Charlie daniels reaction and craig morgans, all show they were very humble, carrie underwoods reaction was one of spite, to showed she didn't care as much
You haven't answered...
Yes I would... no.. really? Wow really? WOOW!

Adore his reaction.

    Darius Rucker is surprised by Opry member Brad Paisley with an invitation to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry! Darius will be officially inducted into the family on October 16, 2012. © ℗ 2012 Grand Ole Opry, LLC

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Darius Rucker Invited to Become a Member of the Grand Ole Opry | Inductions and Invitations | Opry