Darius Rucker Invited to Become a Member of the Grand Ole Opry | Inductions and Invitations | Opry

>>Grand Ole Opry>>Darius Rucker Invited to Become a Member of the Grand Ole Opry | Inductions and Invitations | Opry
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Art by Scout Dawson:
I love Darius Rucker. His voice is just so soothing and beautiful. Love his
Flippintickled, Inc:
Backstage is surely AWESOME..... And Darius BETTER be Country until he's
done!!! He belongs here... but PLEASE don't allow him to be paired up with
really MUDDY artists who mess up everything Darius does!!!! I heard a nasty
recording on you-tube where Big and Rich came onstage... I love Big&Rich in
studio... but on stage, Darius sounded SUPERB, and Big and Rich SERIOUSLY
Jeffrey Horton:
one of the best country singers i know
Joseph Kellam:
congratulations darius!!! I'm so happy for you!!! You are such a Ginuwine
person. Don't let people ever bring you down. Your country music is
beautiful and i love your stories in the music. I watched this video and it
made me smile from ear to ear. congratulations brother!!!
Kathleen Collins:
16 years ago I saw his first country video. So much talent.
Lawrence Hughes:
Hey Darius. Congrats. but don't forget to thank you band also. You are
awesome and you band helps you get there bud. Congrats to all of you.
I'm not from America but I do love country music. I just don't understand
what does it mean when you're an member? I get that it is something huge
for these artists, but what does it mean?
Saw him in concert a few years ago, he killed it! Sang a little Steve
Miller Band at the end, some Hank Jr., lol, it was a blast! He's a total
Robert Taylor:
He deserved it , hes a great singer .
Steve Radell:
Congratulations to a wonderful musician and person, touching video moment
The Jim:
Well deserved. one of the best new country singers. Deserves to be along
side the legends. He has a unique sound, which is missing in most country
singers these days!
fredrick gachanja:
Wow!!! i am moved. Congrats Rucker i am a country music upcoming artist in
Kenya. That one there was a moment of inspiration and i love country music.
It means alot to me.
Seems the Grand Ol' Opry is becoming like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Everyone seems to be able to get in these days without really 'making their
bones'. It used to be you needed longevity, success and really make your
name in country to become a member. Now they're inducting people not even
2-3 years into their career into it. Not saying anything about Darius'
ability as a country musician. But it seems these clubs and hall of fames
are really lowering their qualifications for membership these days.
I randomly dropped into a Brad Paisley concert in Dublin in 2011 (as in I
was in town for a night, I had no idea it was on, and just happened to walk
by and grab a scalped ticket). Wandered into the show and some guy who
sounded a whole lot like Hootie was playing as an opener. Well it was
Darius and I had no idea he had gone country. He was great. Showed
versatility through everything from Hootie songs, Hank Jr song and even an
Oasis song. I've paid attention to his music ever since. Go Darius!
Congrats on the Opry.
mike holton:
the thing to understand is this, Darius is a member of the Grand Ol Opry.
he's not a "black country singer" he's a country singer, just like Brad
Paisley who asked him the question. music is as colorblind as we let it be.
and Nashville is as monochromatic as it gets when folks sing at the
Opry,.Darius said 'ill be here until they kick me out" . it wont happen, he
can grow old singing on that stage and he'll be welcome every time

    Darius Rucker is surprised by Opry member Brad Paisley with an invitation to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry! Darius will be officially inducted into the family on October 16, 2012. © ℗ 2012 Grand Ole Opry, LLC

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Darius Rucker Invited to Become a Member of the Grand Ole Opry | Inductions and Invitations | Opry