National Championship Preview: Alabama vs Clemson - Who wins? | THE HERD

>>The Herd with Colin Cowherd>>National Championship Preview: Alabama vs Clemson - Who wins? | THE HERD
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2k1 XJ:
what happened 35-31 Clemson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jalen Hurts was terrible he is young and talented but omg he was bad.
Last second touchdown for Clemson to win the game😆😆😆 suck it Alabama suck it
Klatt is right, and that is why the NFL is not as good as college football. Not to mention all the PC BS that goes on in the NFL on a week to week and game to game basis. Then you add all the statements and actions by the players that are against what people want to see and hear and you have the recipe for the greatest loss of revenue in the history of sports. The question is, how much longer will it take? We have already seen it happen this season.. will it ramp up next year? Very likely.
Fidel Cashflow:
he was right, Alabama did get more conservative....and it killed them.
I know they feel stupid asf 😂😂 especially these stores that had Alabama championship attire on standby smh
Madjid Mousavi:
I hope you bet your life savings on that prediction Colin.
Mosey Records:
see this is why Colin is money, he's disagreeably agreeable
I think Clemson wins 35-31 on a last second touchdown pass....just a guess though
Nasir Bradley:
Clemson overcame 2 turnovers (basically 3 if you count that first drives missed 4th and 1 leading to Bama TD 4 plays later), a blown coverage to OJ Howard again, and a deficit of 14 followed by a 10 point hurdle in the 4th quarter, followed again by an epic last drive with 2:02 left which set the stage for #4's epic last second heroics. Still can't believe we overcame those missteps to win, and for the first time I know what it feels like as a fan to win it all. Wow what a feeling that is!!!
The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
Who wins tonight: Clemson or Alabama?
Travis Hamrick:
This guy is a fraud in sports reporting. Do you homework before making comments on a team you obviously know NOTHING about.
Dabo nailed it in the postgame. Eat it Colin.
james smith:
oh my god this mf is trying to convince us college is better than the pros... hey klatt only 3 teams could win this thing SINCE JULY!

    Joel Klatt joins Colin Cowherd to preview the Alabama Crimson Tide's matchup with the Clemson Tigers.
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National Championship Preview: Alabama vs Clemson - Who wins? | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd: