Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]
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Carlos Esquivel:
Canción es q nunca deben morir buenos clásicos
Click Bait Official:
2:30 Definitely Macaulay Culkin's relative...
Dan Sturby:
If Macaulay Culkin's life had somehow split when he was a child and he was cloned into an evil twin this is the result
Funky Desempregado Cat:
this is like censoring nudity from porn
Gareth Brown:
Did he pay metallic for the beat
Kari Monteleone:
Charlie you are the all american bad ass!!!!
Knight Wing:
This is a comprehensive guide on how to butcher a Metallica song in 4 minutes.
Fuck this song.
Neil Unknown:
0:16 - Christina A's Look Alike! :D
Who is the gorgeous blonde in the purple hat?
Patrick M:
I'm seeing a lot of Trump comments, does no one remember the American Badass the Undertaker? he's about 7 feet tall, 5x WWE champion? Demi-God?
Peter Gajic:
Obamas left overs kid i need you
Ricky McKenzie:
5 year later and I still love it
Sad but true get it 😂😂😂
Nice job using Metallica’s music for your background. Head ass
Shit version. Curse words are removed.

    Kid Rock's official video for "American Bad Ass" from the album "The History of Rock"

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