Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]
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Awesomedia Comedy:
But I bet he doesn't like Metallica
COG Channel:
I'm more triggered than a Fucking feminist after hearing this
KingScar 2001:
Song is good but wtf is up with the censors like seriously it takes away from the song
Nathan McCormack:
Kid rock isn't worthy of sad but true
Rice CrispyBoi:
What a riff rip off of Metallica's sad but true
Stephen Dailey:
Say hey hey!!!!!!!!!! Go Kidrock!!!!!!!
that chick in the red bikini is fucking hot
bluepiff gz:
Song is fuccin nutz anybody hatin on this could succ a dicc! Show me Some metal!!
Does anyone know where i can find that freakin awesome guitar instrumental starting at 2:59 (not the Sad but true one)
I think the drummer looks like rikishi
jaime gallardo:
pero mira ese rap de Sad but true xddddd
killing Name:
plagio di plagio
multiples intentos de homicidio....
mastermind inc.:
wow im flattered they made a video about me hmmm cool
mory vitalle:
mr. zero talwnt at it again fuck you kid rock
The level of Suck has been lifted to a new level.

    Kid Rock's official video for "American Bad Ass" from the album "The History of Rock"

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