Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]
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Austin Holbrooks:
He took Metallica's rythm from sad but true
Chloraphyll Boraphyll:
I came here to fap and didn't leave disappointed.
Dusty Boy:
I know it stinks in here, cause I'm the shit!

Thanks Kid Rock! Can't keep a straight face to this!
Isaque Costa:
the undertaker theme song song 2000 wwf
Kyle Dechau:
Who else disappointed Kid Rock wasn't serious about the Senate run?
Monarch Music Management, LLC:
Hey Kid,  left "M" a message..seems there is a misunderstanding somewhere..need your help from the D
Nafta Nurse:
I still like this song, but all I see in this video is a reason to buy stock in pharmaceuticals that treat Hep C.
Paloma Mrqz:
Humm 😫😫😵😵😳😳😳😳
Red McItyre:
Kid rock copies. Its sad but true
Sean Brooks:
What bothers me more than blatantly ripping sad but true is that he LISTS HIS HEROES IN ROCK BUT FAILS TO MENTION METALLICA
Your Name:
Who copied who. Metallica coping kid rock or other way around.
The bad ass mother fucker beating on the Guitar makes this video.
Это база, самая настоящая база.
Damn ~ This 'American' Badass... Whatever happened to 'American' ... Freedom?!? This censored edit is BS! You KNOW You Still Rock, Kid!
2:38 to 2:55 the only good part worth listening to.

    Kid Rock's official video for "American Bad Ass" from the album "The History of Rock"

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