Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - American Bad Ass [Official Video]
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Angie Score:
KID ROCK Campaign theme song! 2024! or Michigan before! :) 2017 rocknroll train!
Barry Thacker:
Trump might put detroit back on the map?
Chris Thornycroft:
One thing Kid has is great taste in music. Name-dropping all the best guys of the last 30 years.
Cyndi Watt:
DAMN!!! 💕 my Kidd Rock! one hott man too! 😘😘
Damián Núñez:
Esta canción solo es buena por Sad But True xd
David Perry:
I hate Rap/&RB but I fucking like this. I guess because he's a white boy!
Emperor Oshawott:
The Ron Jeremy cameo made me smile
Husayn Belthren:
w.c.c.c.++honarble but primitive the love of mother to you yoda bitches and the wreking ball bithes. dam telliw and blk pirate's plagerism " dont forget mearicia and slayer and john lenon. one-two k .boy im cowboy two were from side of the specturm and and im 8 dimdisinal rember that guy whk put his dick in the. ringer yess"!!!!! whats that ? dont get it twisted sunshine"% o.k any were any were
Linda Grass:
go here if you want to read ok,
Miguel Angel:
This guy is a FUCKING IDIOT!! A big Crap.............
They edited out all the good parts😂
This just makes American's fit their redneck hillbilly stereotype
huggin muggin:
How many animals were slaughtered to make kid rocks kick ass coat?
joseph robinson:
This kind of reminds me of a Metallica song
i bet that he voted for trump...

    Kid Rock's official video for "American Bad Ass" from the album "The History of Rock"

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