LaMelo Ball Player Analysis With Devin Williams

>>IN THE LAB>>LaMelo Ball Player Analysis With Devin Williams
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Alex Vitale:
why does it sound like you're trying to rap along to the music while you're talking without rhyming
BH Rian:
Who else thought the screen part was a rap
Chris Taylor:
Don't continuously scroll down. If you read one comment, you've read them all.
Classic Movies Archive:
He's got a fucking ugly shot form though. If you slow it down at 3:08 - You can see that he actually throws it as one would pass it (kinda).
Connor Jarvis:
where can I find the first track
there needs to be a channel like this for soccer..this man has me wanting to watch basketball.
GhostNinja 2003:
I only watched this video cause my name is Devyn Williams
Hagrids Beard:
i thought i was the only one clocking he low key spits bars when hes talking loool love dev man
Junie Mathurin:
please do a analytics cherry pick of him (lamelo next Stephen Curry)
King Bugsy:
you kinda sound like you're rapping when you talk
My son put his mixtape in the video talking bout Melos jumper
Lin Lin Towns:
Shit 4:01 - to the end was straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥 can I get that shit on iTunes?
Los Rogerz:
In The Lab is straight🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️⚠️
Mr Mr:
I don't know all that much about basketball but swear that pass at 2:06 went to the other team 😅
Tyler Thurman:
Does he get good arch.... Check
Does he follow through... Check
Does the ball rotate... Mmm.. A little

Bro I was bumping during this part

    With Lamelo Ball being the point guard (sophomore) on the number 2 ranked team in the nation, we take a look at the reasons we think hes good.
I'm sure a bunch of you guys have seen their full game video already but, after watching this watch their game over again & let me know if you see it differently now

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