LaMelo Ball Player Analysis With Devin Williams

>>IN THE LAB>>LaMelo Ball Player Analysis With Devin Williams
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Aaron Tripp:
These kids are definitely changing the game!
Daniel Aguilar:
at points of the second half of the video , it sounds like your rapping 😂😂
why does it seem like he's always rapping it throws me off
Juliette Max-Peters:
Do you have to talk like a damn robot in every video?? Have some emotion!!!!
Highlight reels are amazing and all, but I just watched a normal video of one of his games and it was horrendous. I don't it. The other brothers do look like they could play D1 and beyond, but LaMelo? I just don't see it. I still see him shoot layups on the left side of the basket with his right hand. And his shot mechanics are horrible.
Maxam Lemmon:
4:12 bro just drop a mixtape already
Ness Lee:
shit is a mind fuck bruh. you rapping for half the video
OSN's Headphones:
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
How come, Shaq's son who is better & actually has a father who has NBA titles, never talks any shit about his kid?? Because Shaq was raised by Military parents, who believed in action, not words!
Rafa El Feo:
Have anyone noticed the agresion done by Chino Hills bench players when the times runs out in the minute 2:25 what's wrong with this guys?
Sirro Minus:
naaaah can someone clip the end of that shit it sounded like he was really spitting some low key fire.
when you lowkey drop your mixtape
Vincent V:
where can i find the second beat please?
Stoppppppp. This kid is going to get abused.
Sounds like this guy is rapping at some parts lol 😂

    With Lamelo Ball being the point guard (sophomore) on the number 2 ranked team in the nation, we take a look at the reasons we think hes good.
I'm sure a bunch of you guys have seen their full game video already but, after watching this watch their game over again & let me know if you see it differently now

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