LaMelo Ball Player Analysis With Devin Williams

>>IN THE LAB>>LaMelo Ball Player Analysis With Devin Williams
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Bladimir Valdes:
Sometimes when he be talking on top of these beats I think he's rapping am I going crazy?
Dylan Trevino:
What are those gold shoes lamelo is wearing
Gabe Mercado:
He sound like he rappin all the time
Heung-min Son:
love how ur trying to talk to the beat
Joe Collins:
Is it just me or is this guy rapping sounds like a flow💯😂
Joshua Lewis:
Devin is always sneak rapping on these beats 😂
Kibret Meles:
Do an analysis of Trae Young next Dev!
Kyle Skinner:
Melo could use the screens so much better by staying closer to them
Lincoln Sellers:
Y this nigga low-key sounding like he spitting fire when he does these videos
Max i:
Devin like rapping with the background music... lol
PC Nwaozor:
Is it me or does the narrator sound like he's rapping to the beat?
SmithN' Wesson:
This was the illist rapping breakdown.
Young Scooter:
Lamelo has boatloads to improve and he takes all of those dumb shots cause its high school he doesnt give a fuk, being as good as he is and the fact he was already committed at the time(now playing foreign ball at 16) he didnt need to impress anyone, he probably would have fit into the system at UCLA just like his brother Lonzo did, but now hes playing in Lithuania so....
alex puryear:
keep it 100, you beating LeBron in a 1on1
And then he left CHINO HILLS cus his dad said so

    With Lamelo Ball being the point guard (sophomore) on the number 2 ranked team in the nation, we take a look at the reasons we think hes good.
I'm sure a bunch of you guys have seen their full game video already but, after watching this watch their game over again & let me know if you see it differently now

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