🔥🔥 FBU 9th Grade All-American Bowl 2017 - Highlight Mix

>>utrhighlightvideos>>🔥🔥 FBU 9th Grade All-American Bowl 2017 - Highlight Mix
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I was a beast in high school no bullshyt believe what u want but anyway
haven't played in 3 years my talent always been natural. I wanna start back
playing and go juco but damn these Lil niggas growing up fast af nowadays
😂 I'm 22 and Lil niggas 15 bigger than me
Arion Tucker:
#3 Kobe Hudson putting on for the Mount!! Proud of you dawg!!!! Keep killin
em! #LiteWork
DerekRama Senju:
Can players from public school be invited
How to make:
What's those two boys names that said Baltimore
I thought Bosco's Freshman QB woulda played in this game
Jason Noreus:
I feel like NFL dreams are fucked some these niggas I seen they like 16
years old but I'm 205 5'9" 13 so Ig I'm not to small
Johnathon Pomerlee:
my high school well fuck them up
How do u sign up for FBu I'm trying to dust people
Mario Sanchez:
fuck that these motherfuckers are 9th graders dam bro stepping up the game
Movie Globe:
Your telling me, he's a freshman 0:56
P M:
How do you get in this game? do they pick the best freshman from some teams
in the US?
Rashaad Prather:
My boi #1 kaleb Adair d1 bound💯🔥😂
Ty romir:
Rich parents reclassing there kids to play against little kids and showout
smh. No hate though most of em can ball
aCw Rewind:
Bro if FBU was doing a freshmen all American I could've been reppin
Palmdale 🙄
Why the secondary so soft and skinny

    🔥🔥 FBU 9th Grade All-American Bowl 2017 - Highlight Mix