Stephen A. Smith on Dabo Swinney

>>Gary Lewis>>Stephen A. Smith on Dabo Swinney
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I watched that interview. I have been a Clemson fan for over thirty years. I believe Stephen A. could not have said it better. I just wish a lot more people could have heard his comments.
Kris Hardwick:
Black people have it so bad. I mean, it's terrible the way they're treated in the United States. Maybe, they'd be better off if we evil whites would segregate ourselves from them. I think we should all move to Montana and Idaho, and give the rest of the country to the minorities. I wonder how that would turn out. Oh... We already know how that would turn out..... see Detroit, Baltimore, Newark etc.
Marques Chaney:
Kris hardwick get educated that's all I have to say know the history of this country and why there's ghetto's.

    Stephen A. Smith reacts to comments made by Clemson University Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney regarding Colin Kaepernick's protest.