Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2017 Golden Globes

>>NBC>>Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2017 Golden Globes
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Aron Tamás:
She gave her heart in everything she does! The Help, Doubt, Won't back don,
Prisoners and even in Suicide Squad!
Give the Oscar to her!!!!
Coco dan:
I love me some Viola Davis.The most humble actress in Hollywood.
Euge 68:
Good film and top acting by Viola, but she should've got one a long time
ago for The Help.
Karl Vincent:
Come on! She deserve that Oscar! and give her an award for best voice and
presenter ever.
Kiamani Whitfield:
I just love this woman! She definitely deserves the Oscar...long over do!
Lyza Bal:
0:47 - 0:55 Nicole, Keri (behind her), Naomie, Octavia, and Michelle all
look so happy for her!
Nafisa Mo:
What a beautiful woman inside and out! I adore you
OG Graves:
I wish nothing but the best for her. she's My favorite
Viola, Emma, Octavia and Jessica were all in The Help and were nominated.
Viola gives very beautiful. heart felt, thought out speeches.
cant wait to hear her oscar speech
mutia rizki:
With that voice, and every quotes that came out from her mouth, she's like
the female version of Morgan Freeman
Spent the last week binge-watching How to Get Away with Murder and she is a
powerhouse in that show! Although I haven't seen Fences, I can imagine
she's just as good in that! GIVE HER AN OSCAR!!
If she gets nominated for Oscars this year she deserves to be in the lead
actress category. It's such BS. She deserved to win a supporting Oscar for
Doubt. The Academy always gets it wrong.
the eye:
if she don't win that Oscar. I will start a petition to end the oscars

    Viola Davis accepts the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Jimmy Fallon hosts the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Celebrating the very best in television and film, the popular, star-studded event held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills is one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, honoring both television and motion picture achievements.

Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2017 Golden Globes

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