Auburn vs. Alabama: Best Fan Reactions (2013 Iron Bowl Game Ending Play) *UPDATED*

>>Poeman>>Auburn vs. Alabama: Best Fan Reactions (2013 Iron Bowl Game Ending Play) *UPDATED*
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Aaron Peck:
isn't it great that the bama fans cheered when the ref said there is 1second to go.
Dale J:
Dude in the pjs rolling around on the floor is hilarious!
Oh, there was much celebration in my house for the next few days. 😁
Duane Taylor:
this is why sports bring people together .....I love sports
Jason Kostelecky:
3:46 when you wake up and it's Monday and you have to go to school
Jeff Leatherman:
Khalil Smith:
How can people be racist but like that football team but theirs other racist on that team
Khari Lane:
The thrill of victory...and the agony of defeat!!!
Kipperoni Kip:
Then auburn got booty raped by uga 28-3
Luke myets:
7:18 the loudest anybody has ever cheered in that stadium
Nick Vlogs:
1:57 When you get your phone taken away. 😂
3:35 When your roblox girlfriend breaks up with you. 🤣
3:35 When you die 2nd place on fortnite 😂😊😂😭😂😂😭😂😘😂🤣😂🤣😉🤣😂🤣
Robert Burch:
lmaooooo the very last one is definitely the best
Steven Stanley:
My dad died in 03 watching dads celebrating with his kids in this gets me
Ok, first off, I'm from Bama and have always been an Auburn fan but want Alabama to win if they aren't playing us. Secondly , as much as I was over the moon excited about that last play, before it went down, I knew Sab had screwed Bama. I'm sorry but if your field kicker misses 3 prior times in the same game, and you're tied up at the LITERAL last second, you do NOT put the fate of the game in that guys hand...... or foot. Sab screwed Bama and even as an Auburn fan, for that I was truly sorry for the Bama team and fans.
xXpointbreakXx 123:
My favs the second one XD


    This is why football is the best sport in the world.

NOTE- *UPDATED VIDEO*: Had to Edit the first video where initially at 2-minute mark or so this fake Auburn fan STAGED the fan reaction and jumped in the pool and then proceeded to abuse posters that used his clip.
Only genuine and true reactions!

The world saw a classic moment that is one of the greatest in sports history.

I made a video put together of some of the best reactions from the Auburn vs Alabama 2013 Iron Bowl game on Youtube.

Thanks to the people who provided the original reactions.