How to do the cup song from pitch perfect, originally from Lulu and the Lampshades

>>Hallie Ryan>>How to do the cup song from pitch perfect, originally from Lulu and the Lampshades
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Alison Mugridge:
Thank you for the lesson it really helped now I can do it at its normal speed thx so much
Amaya Jones:
She did it too fast for me. But i got it
Caitlin Grall:
You are so nice and this was actually pretty easy normally I learn nothing at all from tutorials
Charlotte Smith:
thank you but i already know it thanks
Emilija Tamašauskaite:
4:02 you don't need to go that fast!
Ilia Kombi:
Wow you thought that tying shoelaces would be easier
Lujeyn Idarous:
Finally an easy video of a cup song
Mya Marie Tv 707:
Her: Clap, clap table table clap

Me: Clap... Table cup 123 oh fuck off! 😂😩😩❤️
Nuratikah Safia:
Thank you..I have show at my school..And I'm going to do a cup song..This really working..❤U
Olivia Newitt:
Thanks I'm so good at this now but just ps when you do it at it's normal speed your to fast I just watched the music video and it's way slower but thanks anyway
instruction unclear got my dick stuck in a blender
i dont switch hand at the end but thanks u went through step by step
Vitus Miasin: it cool?I don't know......
chloegaming 24/7:
Wow I love ur lesson you. Your video tought me how to do the cup song in one day 😀😀😀 thx!!
magicalpony 108:
Thanks so much! All my friend who are 9 know the cup song and I'm 10!

    I hope this helps!