How to do the cup song from pitch perfect, originally from Lulu and the Lampshades

>>Hallie Ryan>>How to do the cup song from pitch perfect, originally from Lulu and the Lampshades
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Abby's World:
Thank you so much this helped me a bunch
Breanna Bess:
In a nother video can you show us how to do it with 4 cups because you teach good I learned how to do it in a hour by watching you video
Thank you so so so much!!! I learned this in ONE day and I'm so good at it!!! Your amazing have a amazing and blessed day
Irene Eleftheriou:
I am so happy! Thanks for your video😊
Irfan shah:
she is doing wrong but it was good
I remember I watched this video because I had to do a talent show performance. Ah, memories...
Kitten Love:
She did it wrong in he beginning
Rexella Razzi:
You helped me learn it extrimly fast
Roshé Peddie:
Your stipend and bad at teaching
Savannah VanPamel:
Thanks your vid was so helpful!!
Tess Reese:
I have watched another video ,I think the other is explained better but this one was more my speed.I suggest to everyone to watch the easiest cup song tutorial and follow that with this!
Think Big:
Wow!!! this helped me a lot at the competition we had at school
eva Sala:
I am only 7 years old and i already memorized
faye's beauty outline corner:
i learned that video and it is owesome it really works
little savage:
thank you i learned to do my first video and that video was cup song

    I hope this helps!