Sylvester Stallone And Carl Weathers (Rocky And Apollo) The Golden Globes 2017

>>Cat's Classics>>Sylvester Stallone And Carl Weathers (Rocky And Apollo) The Golden Globes 2017
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stallone,carl weathers

Andrew Carroll:
Action Jackson fucked Weather's career. He was on a role before that.
YO ROCKY, YO APOLLO, you both are the Greatest.
Where did they dig Carl Weathers up from?
Harvey Dent:
Wonder if Sly will cast Carl in Expendables 4?
Richard Upton:
hang on. im pretty sure ivan drago killed apollo in rocky 4.
Robert Mission:
Both look great after 40 Years! Though I knew which film won just after
they showed clip off entries! I saw it and it was good but nothing
memorable when done! Here we have PC judges making damn sure they don't
offend anyone, though the narrative structure of this film came from
Chinese director Hsiao-Hsien Hou's film Three Times! So typical Hollywood
takes someone else's great story and just changes the character to a Black
Man and wins a Golden Globe for Best Picture!
Carl Weathers needs to be in the next Expendables movie with Sly.
Action Jackson is the best movie of all time,
Golden Globe robbed carl in the 80s
Wheeler Farley:
Rocky😍 Apollo😍 together😍 both up there ...looking amazing ..should have
received a standing ovation, smh.
gonz velaz:
In the movie Rocky ,II,III, IV, I see Balboa and Apollo, more or less the
same height, now Carl Weathers looks taller than Rocky, maybe three or four
inches more the difference between both.... With all respect Sylvester
maybe he's shrinking or was a camera trick at that time...., who knows?.
Carl Weathers should do the arm-wrestle handshake with each person as they
come up onto the stage....*"What's the matter, Hollywood got you pushing
too many pencils?"*
j man:
cause he's black and the movie was black he told him to read it
joe doe:
Why did he not have Adrian show up I know because Stallone is. A FAGET
steve buch:
I wish these people wouldn't televise the awards they give each other, you
know, they could just do their own thing.
sly Stallone looked like million dollars!!!
you are such a inspiration for us/ me when I hit bottom.... God bless you,

    title says it all and the winner of best picture.