Darius Rucker Let Her Cry HD Live YouTube

>>nat r>>Darius Rucker Let Her Cry HD Live YouTube
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Albert Gatte:
always a great song, but this version is amazing..
Anthony Horrocks:
the best black man (no offenice to any1)since marvin otis n prince
Brian Coates:
This is a perfect example of how Country artists can play live as well as they can in the studio, if not better.
Bruce Peoples:
Does anyone know what specific Gibson guitar he is playing?
Christopher Jenkins:
FANtastic. Pushing and pulling at all the right moments...
Using in guitar classes today - 45 new teenage fans!
Douglas Schramm:
Am I completely wrong or am I hearing, "She says Dar's the one I love the most, Michael Stipe's not far behind" All the lyrics online say, "Dad's the one and "But Stipe's not far behind" which makes zero sense. I can see the first line working considering the southern connection amongst REM and Hootie. Can anyone clarify??
Mickle Pickle:
Tilly g
He is blk no shit he gets no RESPECT
Mike Bonasera:
Classic song... One of my favorites songs to sing!!
Molly Mayor:
Oh I just love Darius his voice his passion his looks what a package
Pat Robinson:
that's awesome thanks for telling me merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday XXX
Patrick C.:
My favorite song of all time. My older brother used to play hootie and the blowfish every day when we rode home from school. He passed away a few years ago Somehow the lyrics of this song bring me so much comfort in dealing with the loss of my bro.
Terry Delaune:
love me some Darius Rucker love them back when you was in Hootie and the Blowfish love him as a country I just love him his voice just cuts right through me love love love
bryan king:
michael stipes is really not far behind
Oh, so this is what raping the replay button means
pamela frost:
I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert in virginia beach last september what an awesome concert