Zac Brown Band - Toes (Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Toes (Video)
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Becky Lawler:
So in the song he won $50 on a lottery ticket and acted like he was rich?
Carmen Cassidy:
Lyrics show PVR? Not BVR? Waht is a PVR?
The song that led me into country
Illyrus Emperor:
I'm from a small country of Europe (Kosovo) and i accidentally heard this song about 8-9 years ago in my buddy's house on his laptop (Internet radio), and since it was on Winamp they were showing the artist that is currently playing, and i felt something so special about this song, i wrote it down fast, so i could search it later on my laptop. Since then, this song is in my top3 of all time. Greetings my american brothers and sisters.
Jenny Mason:
This is just a relaxing song. :)
Miz Bling:
Country music represents the good side of America. REAL AMERICANS LIVE IN THE MIDWEST!
Love the Spanish words he put on the song
Piano Made Of Noodles:
Still my favorite song for summer
Russell James:
A cold beer in my hand life is good today cheers 🍻
Skyler Oswald:
look where they are 10 years later...
Just Discovered this is 2018 o.0
Zothanmawia Cherput:
Beautiful, relaxing song every now and then.
6k people pressed 👎🏻? Truly sick people...most likely liberals. Sad!
sandra michel:
Shows not all white people are racist I love this song #alllive matter
the roman god pluto:
That gas station he was in is near where I used to live in Forsyth county Georgia

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Toes (Video)