Taylor Swift dancing to Wagon Wheel

>>SwiftVideoSource>>Taylor Swift dancing to Wagon Wheel
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Taylor Swift,wagon wheel,darius rucker

I miss THIS Taylor, but I'm, still a fan.
Bailey Anderson:
Taylor and Austin dancing
yes yes yes
Coolgal Kawaii Face:
Oh this song reminds my cousin that died at 2 it makes me cry and wonder why god took her but evrything happens for a reason :'''(
Deb Chaney:
She is just so sweet! The world is lucky to have her!
James Ross:
You can take the girl out of Country but you cant take country out of the girl  Taylor going back to her roots
Jheimy Bonnazzolli:
Damn. She had fun. I would have the same fun as well, because this song is great
José Martín Bazán:
that's beautiful song,I cannot stop to sing and dance
the people watching her and smiling... u know they wanna dance too lol
Marilyn Antilla:
I still have a good laugh every time I watch this, lol. She's so adorkable.
Mike Saunders:
Love Darius Rucker..... What a voice! ❤️✈️
Rights and Justice for All:
Not a huge fan of Taylor..but... that is how you dance to an O.C.M.S. song. I'm impressed. :)
William Eliezer:
Taylor Swift is adorable!! 😍 😍 😍
avanish ranjan:
Oh lord!
I love her so much
it's been one hour I've been searching Taylor dancing at award shows 💓
She is the white girl who can't dance. Every other who is the same will love her for it.
t mac:
here to goof on Justin bieber. the beebs!