Freshman Johnny Juzang STEPS UP! Harvard Westlake vs St Francis Full Highlights!

>>BallislifeWest>>Freshman Johnny Juzang STEPS UP! Harvard Westlake vs St Francis Full Highlights!
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Aaron Nomad:
He looks like college student if anything
That boy looks like he about 18 in the 9th grade.
I'm starting to wonder what people's idea of a freshman is cuz I can see Johnny being a freshman. Unless people are just joking around
HONESTLY GUYS HOW IS HE A FRESHMAN IF HE WAS A TOP 8 th Grader in ANAHAEIM November 2014? He was held back atleast 2 years.
Connor Driscoll-Natale:
I live right by St Francis I've played in tournaments there
High Guise:
Whole team full of 18 year old HS freshmen and 20 year old sophomores
Ilham Ismail:
How does a 14 year okd have a frickin beard?
Jimming He:
lmao he looks older than his big brother who's actually playing in college right now.
that "freshman" and "sophomore " should be nice their senior years. when they turn 21
Kendall Green:
Still wondering why Cassius left
this nigga played 17u uaa like a year or 2 ago, wtf? how old is this nigga
Randolph's Way:
If he's a freshman, Im commenting on my laptop in my moms uterus.
Ryan Gonzalez:
They made it seem like we lost by 14... in the last min we had two 3's and a layup off a steal. We only lost by 7
If he's a freshman then I'm in 5th grade
Nigga is not a freshman😭😭

    Here are full highlights of the game between Harvard Westlake and St Francis. St Francis started the game out strong and got ahead with the lead while getting Cassius Stanley in foul trouble and limiting his first half minutes. One of the top freshmen in the country, Johnny Juzang, stepped up big time with a double double of 19 points 10 rebounds and made countless big shots to turn the game around and help Harvard Westlake secure the victory.