Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)
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She Wouldn't Be Gone,Country,music,hillbilly,Blake Shelton

George GMC Sierra Denali:
His Silverado is in park. I can tell by where the shifter is. Why would you do that?
Grace Pulver:
Is this really blake you tubes channel?
Israel lite:
A great song written by Jennifer Adan.
Songwriters need more praise!
Jamie Cannon:
I love his accent in other words the way he sings
Kakashi's Story:
I wish you didn't leave .. I wish I still called you mine.. I wish I tried my hardest to keep you but it isn't myself fault, but I always blame myself .. I just wanna come over to tell you I love you but I won't cause you're with someone not even 14 days later ...
Kristi McDaniel:
yep !!! true words right here..................
Lori Lynn:
Been there and dun that but there is always another side why people leave Domestic and what not. Wish this song came out earlier when I was married and it be last time ever married to
Mason Blodgett:
I listen to this song to make sure I dont go wrong with my girlfriend
Rachel Riley:
love this song!! fits perfectly for my ex husband, the final straw was him cheating on me with a hooker!! I'm very much gone!! Josh, I warned and warned you!! you did this to yourself, I hope that was the best piece of ass ever and was totally worth it!!
Russell Bassett:
listened to this song since I was a kid an now it makes me think how stupid I was
Sam Mccann:
Maybe I wouldn't be gone if u weren't an asshole 😭😭😭🙄
Taylor Beck:
this is song and Austin is the only songs by him that I like.
Vickie Worthington:
I will always love you but Im tired of being abandoned and left u cant even answer the phone except on your time so now you dont have to worry about coming here this is what you been wanting so I hope you are happy because you have hurt me
heyits mags:
my worst fear is having to send this song to my boyfriend. I'm prepared for him to hurt me, for my world to come crashing down. I'm just praying to God it doesn't. I love him and I'm too afraid to lose him.
I feel bad for what I did to my ex and wish I hadn't done it. I fucked up.

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