Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)
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Brandon Valdez:
Well looks like i have failed it's all my fault me and my girlfriend are just taking a break from each other but i think she is probably going to break up with me i don't even know if she misses me at all and yet i am the one missing her
Brandon White:
maybe. I still love you with all my heart hope it's not to late.
Brody Wilder:
Same I just before up with my girl friend and this song is right on and ashe is like I want you back I am like bullshit I don't to deal with your petty shit any more I have had enough
Charlene Nixon:
so sorry for those who have lost their true love. hurts me for you.. I'm sad that your so damanged.
Christi Kurkjian:
My ex is finally feeling the same way, he's missing me. I had to leave him two months ago.
Grace Preston:
Not to long ago I thought of your decision. I am thankful now you've seen the light. Fighting for our love. ❤
Gracie Sayre:
I could see this being a new #1
Jennifer Rodgers Dennis:
she would not be gone BLAKE if you would have just stayed at home and thought of your wife
Kelsey Dovel:
I feel like this is about a dog
Lori Wetzel:
I would like to know who my biological family is.
Nikko Malone:
Why she walking down that long road with a suit case? Uber? Yellow taxi?
This is the one and only song I like by Blake
Sage Gowen:
Whose bringing this in to there 2018? 💓
That truck is in park...I know my GM gearshift levers.

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