Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)
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Amber Becca:
This song tho ....he said it all
Christina Alonzo:
Blake is totally heartbroken over miranda and always will be
Cindy Hunter:
This is exactly right!More maybe I would've stayed if little ❤
Courtney Smith:
I listen to this out loud as my fiancé sits in the other room too busy watching baseball to even notice that I’m falling apart...
Dale Putzier:
Thanks you for trying to keep the old county music going on love you brother
Haven Hope:
😡JK just kidding❌⭕️❤️😍😘 I am speechless I love it so much I just wish that I could see the whole video if you are real could you do a concert in Cave city Arkansa😶
Joshua Elliott:
I will forever be beating on the dash and screaming out her name at the windshield...
Joyce Annette McGlone:
People take so much for granted.Just because your so loved and cared for , doesn't ever mean you have the right to treat someone bad, with disrespect, neglect, or hurtful will make them leave sooner or later,and the hurt you cause, they will never get over.Good song Blake.Its to TRUE.Every WORD.
Kristina Keys:
You guys ever notice that when a girl sings this song shes a psycho crazy stalker but when a guy sings it its romantic? 😂😂😂
Lindsay Hammitte:
Kinda makes me think of my last relationship lmao but it wasnt him it was me
Nicholas Reese:
I just ruined a great friendship and she told me if I contacted her again she would call the police. If only I’d listened to this song
Outdoor Martinez Life:
Is anybody listening to this in 2018 or is everybody still beating on the dash
abigail newcomb:
1:06 right there....hits so hard...that beat and all right there....hits real deep in that beat and all
chris holder:
Refreshing sound for a real country song
joseph croft:
been about a 1 1/2. years since she left me baby I wished you hasn't gone 3 perfect years.

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