Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)
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Alicia Christian-Young:
blake shelton is a great singer and he is the best singer ever
Andrew Orlando:
This song is the best song that Blake Shelton ever made I think👌
Cameron Kimball:
Me and my girlfriend are going to be single fore a wile
Christopher Mahaffey:
"I just didn't believe she would ever really walk out. God I believe her now." Blake you sir have brought up pain and tears not felt in years. Thanks/Fuck you buddy
Claire The Fox:
I love this is when I'm sad I listen to this song
Claudia Fernandez:
Cuanta intensidad ¡¡¡ y fuerza ¡¡¡Muy Buenoooooo👏👏👏👏Con Respeto y cariño desde Argentina ❤️🇦🇷💙👋🎸🎤🙌🌟✌️
Destine Yeatts:
He got me missing one of my ex’s💔😔
I Truly Love you Jessica G Lucas, I guess well never be a family, BUT I will always truly love you from the bottom my hrart including my son JL'lll 4EVER!!!
Jake paul#1:
This song reminds me of a girl I miss
Malthe Nielsen:
The reason that this is my favourite Blake song is because his passion and emotion in the chorus, how intense he is. It makes everything so much more relatable!
Nelson Nevins:
about to lose my baby girl all because of a younger dumber me
SlimShadyBaby 89:
My ex sang me this song many times and now he has lost me for good. But I still love this song.
The Bad Brats!:
What did the cow say to the dog? 🐕

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At that moment u realized the only good thing in your life was gone and may never come back. Lesson don’t f*** up.
ramiro melo:
So sorry but no one now of love until you feeling

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