Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)
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Amber Ball:
my now my sent me this song after we broke up over something stupid we got back together after a year that's how long it took him he likes rap but said here this explains how I feel with this song
Brandy Dillon:
this is so true about my ex maybe i wouldnt be gone if he didnt treat m elike crap
Dawn_ Of_Today:
sureeeeeee natsu you big pervert!
Dylan Wilcox:
Girlfriend of three years broke up with me last week. Up until damn near the day it happened we were looking at houses, she would talk about our future children's names, we had everything ahead of us and everything planned out. I was just five months from having enough money for the proper ring for her...and just like that, she's gone. I tried most every day of knowing her how special she is and how much she meant to me. But I cant help but wonder what if..what if I showed her more and all the feelings I feel now I was able to explain then. Dont take someone for granted, live and love each day like its your last
Hanna Stuart:
has Blake Shelton ever made a bad song
this is another one of my favorites
Hannah Gentry:
Anyone else think Blake would make a great actor after seeing this?
Happy Camper2017:
so whens his rap songs come out?
Jayce Miller:
For some reason, every time I hear this song I think of me in the future. Idk y. It drives me crazy. I either start crying or I turn it up and scream the lyrics.
Jazmine Fulton:
Maybe he should think of Miranda Lambert more often with this song
Jordan Szybiak:
I wish Blake knew how much I love him!!!
Mary Wayers:
this song is so true.I lost some one years ago!!!
Songs is so strong it's got me missing a girl I hardly know who left me on read for an hour
Troy Ochoa:
this song has me missing someone who left me with no warning it's been 1 week since she left me iv cried most of those days
this is a song I love.(ps.this is for the one I loved but let my actions mess us up. I love you Tay)
gretchen walters:
Blake Shelton if this song is for real for real than you should not be so hard on your self

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