Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (Official Video)
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Alex Perry:
1k dislikes how does this even get 1 dislike
Brandy Washburn:
How many second chances does one person deserve?
CoCo PuFF:
My ex left me because i was neglecting her, spending more time with my
buddies to ( party ) than her. Not treating her the way I should've , just
not putting her 1st. Not doing the little things to make her happy. We was
together for years and I guess I just always thought she would be there.
And she did warn me it was coming if I didn't change, and I didn't listen.
She actually told me after she left me to listen to this song. If there is
possibly any guy out there whose girlfriend/wife is upset with you and told
you to listen to this song....DO IT.......Listen to every damn word of it
and soak in the meaning of this song. I didn't get the chance to make up
for the mistakes I had made, she was already gone. I hope somebody
somewhere reads this and wakes up. Having a beautiful woman to love you is
a blessing guys, don't take it for granted.
Courtney Kramer:
Miss the years of these types of country songs full of heartache and
emotion. One of Blake's best.
Dylan Lachney:
When do guys realize that they messed up..?
Jenna Buehring:
I love the video but I love u
Joshua Hollingsworth:
I feel like the guy who wrote this song right about now
Marcus Mariota:
I love this song one of my favorites by him this and ol red and some beach
Maryann Martinez:
maybe he wouldnt be gone.😞😞😞 sometimes i think i just didnt do enough
and i wish i would have ....
Michael Lear (Lear 727):
my wife and i are seperated. she wants a divorce and won't tell me why just
that she doesnt feel in love with me. Sadly i tried all i could to make it
work but cant control someone else's feelings. just wished she would have
tried to make it work . . .
eyeless_jack forever:
this song makes me want to cry. I love it so much.
hector cortes:
I miss her so much, I didn't think she really leave.
justin brady:
Blake got me wanting a try with the most special girl that slipped away
what I do to officially call her mine
kyle whitman:
"Thought about her more, Thought about me less" ain't that the truth my
toxic walnut:
I finally remember how this song went. I've had the tune stuck in my head
for weeks and couldn't remember the lyrics or who sang it. Yeah now I'm
going to listen to it 100 times

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