Josh Jackson Is The #1 Player In 2016! Elite Athlete Crazy Official Mixtape!

>>Ballislife>>Josh Jackson Is The #1 Player In 2016! Elite Athlete Crazy Official Mixtape!
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AZCardinals 4 Life:
D Book and Jackson will be a great duo
I swear hoopmixtapes makes anyone look good but in realty this dudes ass lmaooooooo
Cassius Cohen:
Joe Mehalik:
Why does his jumper look so much better in hs???
Joey Carroll:
Jackson, booker, and Bledsoe πŸ™πŸΏ
Keith C. Brown:
Whoa - here because of the Lebron mention...I had no idea....skills!
Kevin Nguyen:
2:42 "Fuck wrong wit him" is that what he said?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I mean he's in the NBA now sooooooooooo
Michael Coffey:
Welcome to Boston and I hope Ainge keeps this kid and the pick. Butler guts our depth and we still are not better then LBJ and Clev next year. Why make a 10 year window a 3 or 4 year window. No sense keep all draft picks unless a KG type mega star both comes free (read AD) and wants to come to Boston. Until then make our 1 thru 15 lethal
Raj singh:
bledsoe needs to bring his lob city mentality next season n throw them bitches up to chriss and jackson
Scarlett O'hara:
Josh Jackson is more than basketball talented--Josh is GIFTED! Such timing and hang-time! Josh "thinks the game," and many do not have the wherewithal to do this. Josh's greatest asset though is his HONESTY. When he speaks, you believe him. Now this is a real rarity in today's world of spin, gimmicks, and deception. Love Josh Jackson!
Silas Zaher:
Weird how scouts said his weaknesses were ball handling and shooting but I just look at this mix and it says otherwise
Tareef Jabbar:
wish the Lakers would draft you at #2 spot
Tyrell Lopez:
Hella trash. Probably won't even get drafted by the Suns in the first round.
Same athleticism as Andrew Wiggins but more aggressive and more game.

    Here is arguably the top player in the nation, Josh Jackson's official junior season mixtape.. The 6'6" Detroit native is ranked as the number one player in the 2016 class by Rivals and 24/7 sports. We can argue about his ranking all day long but one thing we cannot argue about is the potential and ceiling that Josh possesses. We are excited to see what the future holds for the start player of Prolific Prep.

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