Josh Jackson Is The #1 Player In 2016! Elite Athlete Crazy Official Mixtape!

>>Ballislife>>Josh Jackson Is The #1 Player In 2016! Elite Athlete Crazy Official Mixtape!
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hes going for another year in college?
Ends up on the 76ers and his career is over before it started
how can you move around like that at 6'7 dude?... thats f'n ridiculous
Andre Thornton:
anybody see coach in the background shaking his head? Lmao
Andrew McAlister:
And he is only going to get better
Azubike Odunze:
Jackson plays just like Ryan Gomes
Dawson Landis:
I live where he used to play napa California
Dustin Bogart:
seems to eager to jump on defense kid can play no doubt but hopefully he can handle better offenses at the next level
El Williams:
Josh Jackson easily a top 3 pick
Joe Mehalik:
Why does his jumper look so much better in hs???
John magnor:
dude looks like an 18 year old playing on a mini tykes hoop
King Derek23:
just another garbage bust in the NBA, good in these leagues and trash in NBA just like winslow
Tab Legend:
How many number 1s are there wtf
coolstorybro 101:
dont play to good the 76er will draft your ass and get you injure LOLOL
i want my miami heat to tank this year for Jackson. dude is straight πŸ€πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Here is arguably the top player in the nation, Josh Jackson's official junior season mixtape.. The 6'6" Detroit native is ranked as the number one player in the 2016 class by Rivals and 24/7 sports. We can argue about his ranking all day long but one thing we cannot argue about is the potential and ceiling that Josh possesses. We are excited to see what the future holds for the start player of Prolific Prep.

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