Chris Brown Fights w/ Fan, Refuses to Stand for National Anthem During Charity Basketball Game | TMZ

>>TMZ>>Chris Brown Fights w/ Fan, Refuses to Stand for National Anthem During Charity Basketball Game | TMZ
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They think the superstars because they have big paychecks
Arky Bald Knobber:
This is a coon that I want to use my bull whip on.
Biz Denardo:
fuck TMZ. bunch of gossiping bitches
D zastre:
Clearly he's going to some personal suit as we all do as human beings take it easy on the fella!!!!
If I was that patron, I would have knocked Brown's teeth disarm his fuckin' throat!
I love America:
Bunch of pussys defending a woman beater. Actually women biter pussy.
Jameria Patterson:
why y'all ain't standing up anyway du fuck
He's being a little fucking faggot.
Michael Green:
it was not Chris Brown being Chris Brown - IT WAS AN ASSHOLE BEING AN ASSHOLE
MisteR SiR:
Fuvk this dumb ass tmz story. Made enough bread of this young gent over the years. Fuvk that racist anthem
Phillip Wilson Jr:
i Would Have Did The Same Thing Chris Brown Did I'm A Big Fan Of Chris Brown An I'm Glad He Did What He Did Because 911 Was A Planned Out Act & Police Out Here Killing Black Kid's & Motherfukas That Get Mad Cause He's Doing That Are Str8 Up Pussy That Means Y'all Accept What They Are Doing An Scared To Speak Out Keep Doing You Breezy They Can't Stop You💯 VA 757 All Day
amor4ever frenly:
looks like you would suck his dick.
If you say fuck our lives, then we say fuck your flag🖕🏾
jake from statefarm:
Nah, he was just trying to be like the athletes and not stand for the anthem. Fuck outa here Chris, you don't even play sports. Go make a shitty song that makes no money.
Kris brown just mad cause rianna got a real man mow.

    Chris Brown joined the National Anthem protest Sunday -- the occasion was a charity basketball game ... and 9/11.

Full Story:

Chris Brown was full of piss and vinegar at a charity basketball game Sunday, getting in a heated, prolonged argument with someone in the stands ... intense enough for cops to get involved.

Full Story:


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Chris Brown Fights w/ Fan, Refuses to Stand for National Anthem During Charity Basketball Game | TMZ