Odell Beckham Jr.'s trip to Miami to blame for his playoff drops? | THE HERD

>>Colin Cowherd>>Odell Beckham Jr.'s trip to Miami to blame for his playoff drops? | THE HERD
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This guy talks in slow motion so you gotta raise the speed to 1.25x for normal pace.
Docter Dawkins:
His voice is entertaining!!😅 hashtag #nohomo
Jason Woodward:
blame Aaron he put a voodoo curse on them. hes a BAAAD MAN
Jose Waldo:
Lol this so ridiculous to me how can going on a boat on your day off have any effect on the game
M Allred:
I just checked out Colin on YouTube for the first time. His makeup really, really needs to be toned down. Of course always a fun listen
Marques M:
Party when you when the Superbowl.
Matt Centeno:
It's not just about the trip to Miami, it's also the fact that their trip got exposed and blown up by the media. Odell himself admitted that all this trip did was create distractions, so how can we not keep in mind the possibility that these unnecessary distractions affected his game mentally? The mental game is a huge part of football, as many pros have stated, so if all of this drama meant OBJ wasn't at 100% at game time, it very well could have cause his performance to suffer. Star athletes live their lives under a microscope, and there can definitely be consequences for that. I'm talking about an indirect effect, so less about the trip itself and more about the media taking these players' minds off of the big game because of the fact that these players exposed their trip to everyone. And for people using the excuse that the cold weather makes it harder to catch, while this is true, several other WRs had no problem catching the ball. Cobb, for example, caught three TDs lol he played in the same temperature, but nobody was scrutinizing him every single day leading up to Sunday.
Natalie Shanidze:
leading reciver invites you to bout trip and you dont whant to go
what you do?
you are going anyway
Terryl Baskerville:
y is noone speakin about how terrible punt returners were?
Tyler Utz:
this guy compared 1 day to 7 days lol
Xavier Burns:
marijuana line was out of bounds !!!!! CHILL COWHERD
Plaxico catches those passes.. heck nicks probably gets it
non yobussiness:
Ridiculous. Giants we're gonna loose no matter what. I hate the giants but beck was double teamed the whole time. At least two downs each position were going to be thrown to him. Easy day for the steelers defensive coordinator
Sterling Shepard was on the boat with Odell, what is Colin talking about?
appear to have a little marijuana? where did that come from?

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Colin Cowherd reflects on Odell Beckham Jr.'s poor performances against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

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