The Riff Off (Pitch Perfect)

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Alexa Cruz:
3:33 best part hahahah still watching this
Brooklyn Rodriquez:
Me: Stop being a
* clap,clap* asswhole bc they were purfect
Caleb Cook:
This movie came out when I started college and I was a music major. I loved this movie because it felt kinda like parts of my life at the time, making up songs, finding harmonies with the people around me, singing EVERYWHERE. I think this movie is going to be kind of like a time capsule for me to watch and look back at the fun I had freshmen year.
Who have names of song all of this video
Jules Gaerlan:
PRINCE Harry Girlfriend Megan Merkle Is in the Movie ,1:54 ,the fat guy (host) say's MEDICAL MARIJUANA Is in Effect hahahhah ! lol !
Kyra Dunn:
0.52 is that the girl that Aubrey asked in the beginning? Belonie Barb? (I cant spell)
Marini Gonzales:
2:56 is the most cutest part for me awww love team
Mckenzie .Latham:
My fave part is how Anna (Becca) is clearly getting into it and having fun when she does her bit.
Mirna Zarate Rosado:
2:20 como se llama la canción?
Nacho Dobles:
But there were 4 groups. The high notes got DQ first. Then, the Bellas. What about the guys obsessed with Madonna? They never lost.
Thomas brunkle:
2:20 to 2:24 the black girl doing what every guy would die to do, damn even girls couldn't hold themselves.
issa Mahamat:
very nice confrontation and jocking.good job HOLLYWOOD
jolly ranchers:
3:30 go Becca beginning of the best part
rex alla:
i love when cynthia sings S&M her voice is so beautiful <3
Stacey and sex is a perfect mach

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