The Riff Off (Pitch Perfect)

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Anthony Arnold:
That black girl doesnt know how to sing
Blue Jover:
Fuck i just finished pitch perfect 3 and i cried after watching it
Cattlle Rancher:
Did anyone notice that there were 4 teams, only 3 got eliminated what happened to the other group????
Emmy White:
when Stacy sang make love to you Donald nodded his head
My lodi is so good voice and Bella so very much good voice
Jose Edwin Enerio:
They should do a whole studio version of just No Diggity. That was awesome.
Joshua San Jose:
Kevin Martinez:
OnceUJimIN UneverJimOUT:
I think even they have no idea about the difference between "it's" and "its". still love the whole scene da still hate the end when the girls were cut off.
I don't get it?
They said it's what correctly means it is so why is it worng then?
The king Phil:
Still love this movie at 3:04 jesse came in with the cockblock
1:30 song???? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
btsxag micha:
am i the only one whos salty about the stupid reason why they got cut off? about the it's and it -_-
julien langlois:
Mozart try 626 times they did it 2 times in a pool breizh my mars the pool of all way
4:30 - the girl shotgunning them down. 😎🙌🤣

4:35 - the way Jesse looks at Becca just impressed and diggin' the hell outta her. I love when he sings for her. 💖

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