Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow

>>Lexie Hazlett>>Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow
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Aliayha White:
2018 and still listening to this
Amy Campbell:
Heartaches and cheap wine. Sounds like me right now
Brittney Geary:
2k18 and i still love this song i love you kid rock kid rock kid rock hes the realist
Charlene Tanner:
"I just called to say i want you. Come back home" as a kis my mom never said that about my dad but now as a parent. I hate it.
Darla May:
Excellent.. video my dear friend
thanks for this higher quility videos
on youtube form me many many
thanks for this amazing video.

David Mehnert:
‘I can’t lok at you while I’m lying, next to her.’ ‘You remined me of brighter days.’ ‘I was off the drink you away.’ These typos remind me of the letter received by James Merrill (1926-1995) from the Tenants’ Association of his East 72nd Street building, telling everyone that, come fall, ‘all the widows in the building will have to be replaced, at great expense.’
Devan Trent:
I fucking balled my eyes out man
Drayke Stoeckel:
this is the best song ever !!!!!
Dustin Lyons:
I was the only 12 year old that went to his corncests
Jose Valdes:
That Hurt Though..Happy Valentines Day!
Samantha Jones:
lo e this song but i cry everytime
Tyler Marinelli:
Best damn dueo I've ever heard 🤘🤘
monie hall:
this is a good song. reminds me of my ex..
victoria moreno:
My dad's favorite song R.i.P daddy 2018❤
yandere sylveon gaming OwO:
I love this song. I used to sing it with my mother. But we've grown so apart that I don't want to show her this yet.

    Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow With Onscreen Lyrics.