Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow

>>Alexia Hazlett>>Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow
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Aleris comprensi├│n:
this was one of my dads favorite songs. I miss him so damn much.
Anthony Akudinobi:
Good evening everyone this is my favorite song
Emily Foster:
Brings back childhood memories with my bestfriend­čś×­čśş
James Carroll:
this song brings back so many memories i just lost my uncle yesterday to a heart attack plus my uncle was my best friend
Jordan Dowling:
did anyone else love someone then list them
Kassandra Walker:
when I was a little girl me and my grandma would sing this all the time but I don't see her anymore so I can really do that I can't see her tell I'm like 15 im 13 now but at least I have her memories
Kenzie Smith:
Every time this song comes on and I'm in the car with my dad he always sings this song in a funny way. So now every time this song comes on we sing it together. :)
Matthew Thomas:
hi I'm 15 and I'm crying at the he there delialah at the song please here this song please here this song please here this song
Megan Clements:
so addicted to this song love itt
Paul Kidd:
Powerful stuff...Kudos to Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow!
Pyper Charanza:
i love this song i can sing the sheryl crow part pretty good and also every since i seen joe dirt i lost respect for kid rock
I was listening to this in the car the other day, (by the way, who's listening in 2017??? But anyway,) and I could help but think this sounded like something I knew. I just shrugged it off. But today, I was listening to Counselor of the Lonely (album by the Raconteurs), and I got to "Pull This Blanket Off Of Me" AND THESE TWO SONGS ARE TOO DAMN SIMILAR
song rips my heart out for the things i've done to my wife
just dat nerd:
mary jane still hasnt broken my heart but still love this song
sierra eaton:
im still crying god please dont let me ever hear this song again

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