Little Big Town - Tornado

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Brianna Kroemer:
i love this song i have love it the time that i have seen it
Carter Bates:
this song never gets old!😊!😊!😊!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie Winn:
We get a few tornados in South Georgia this time of the year
Donna Theberge:
we had one... don ' t know where it came fromm..... devestated.. they dont ' exsist here........... time to leave ... whatever : whoever;;; it 's like lil abner maybe ???????????????????
Kennedy Gladney:
Me and my friends walked down the street with instruments singing this song and all the people were just looking at us and some even joined us, it was so freaking fun!! Doing it again this year!! 😊❤
Love Little Big Town!!
Marissa Talaverna:
she wasn't a good tornado.. throw some Carrie Or Miranda in here with this song ;) good song tho
Nicholas Moore:
i heard your song girl crush everyday at my camping trip
Paul Ogea:
The male actor looks so familiar, anyone know who he is?
Pazzie Since81:
what is she wearing is this part of the uncut version on the Avengers... no wait when SUPERMAN's getting ready to fight the villains from his home planet..
Robin Johnson:
all great songs county music rocks
SubArcticWolf Tools & Outdoors:
this is much better than " I'm a tomato"
Toys And Me:
who does not like this ur a dummy ya I Sayed it 3000 people ,!!!!!!!!!?!!!
Wyatt Hansen:
I don't really like this song but nice voice.
emcee 98:
Why can't they make more songs like this? Fucking "Girl Crush" BLOWS.
rmrMrMmrs 7reltserWTyler:
2017 spring and summer be record breaking record of tornados in Kentucky Ohio and all of the USA some big city's that has not had torndos will so the prophet has spoken so it shall be

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