Little Big Town - Tornado

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Thought you change the weather :)
Bill Bright:
It's a TWISTHA head for the fraidy hole!

We must be up inside the cyclone!
Brenda Fairfield:
Dawn Wade:
Oops to all you Low Life want to be the OOPS COPS. SORRY FACE TO FACE. 🤘💪👿👿👿👅
Garrett Agee:
Ok, the black lady burning the quilt? Why did she? I'm sure it symbolizes something, anybody know what? Great song
Lillian Morgan:
Powerful song great for Magick.Have a Magical night ya'all
Mariano Fernandez Magliola:
We have to live as a tornado ✌🏼
Nathan Wisen:
who started those outfits... Halloween 'but i love the effort"
Never Again:
This was my grandmothers favorite song, she passed away last night 😭💔
Rachel LeFrancois:
Are they the karma and they give you what you deserve?
We haven't had a tornado in good ol Kansas City for 15 FREKIN years, that's longer than I've been alive FWY WE LIVE IN TORNADO ALLY
Tara Guyer:
we don't have tornado in Hagerstown but I still like me this song
Tmanmegaman Burgess:
Just saw them preform at Sunfest, a few hours ago! They were so freaking amazing!! Literally got a pick from one of the guitarist, as they were throwing them into the crowed!! ❤️❤️ love them!!
k e l p:
gUYS this is fuckin abandon's theme song

(from spn of course)
sabina de blank:
Love this song so much . I am a Tornado Looking for a Soul to take  . Some people better be ware of this tornado because one day I will strike and they have no idea what is in store for them . I am tired of some people walking over me  and one day the big storm will be an f 5 . They know who they are so if you are smart run for cover if not too bad I am looking for a couple of souls  to take .

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