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Brandon Stroupe:
Sam hunt is a big man and not to be messed with
Cleber Rodrigues:
Essa música faz a gente viajar...💓💓💓💓
Gary Haynes:
This makes me thing of us every time I hear it........ To: Ms Renae pattman troxell.
Hatim Prince:
tHIS EXACTLY ME,I dont wanna steal your freedom,I just wanna take some of your time. :)
Jennifer Ashworth:
Julie Eyles:
omg super excited to see him at the concert july21
Martin Leworthy:
watched American honey and loved most of the music this is my fav
Michelle bond:
I went through something similar, just didn't have any children with him..thank God for that! his friend showed up just in time for me to have a distraction..almost didn't make in town close to where his friend took him..I met him at a stop light...attempting to run through traffic to make it to my vehicle..thank God the light turned green in time! I went to work after that and paid for my divorce..I hope he turned his life around..but no matter, I wouldn't take him back!!
Neal Mosley:
who else is watching in 2017 like if you are
Sarah Ojito:
To me Sam hunt was brave protecting that girl was so nice of Sam hunt
Slice of Life:
It is funny how women think by default that child is only theirs and how this fool involved himself into someones family stuff that should not concern him at all. We never got to see the other side of story. What if she is cheating on her husband or doing some other bad things, but he loves her and their child too much to let her go, while also having to cope with constant pain of what she has done or is constantly doing so it sometimes manifests in aggression? Did you ever think about that stuff or you all think that the whole world belongs to you and that moral is always on your side just because you are female? If some random intruder started involving himself in my family problems, he would be dead instantly. I am happy that I never had to come in such situation with my "almost wife" and refused to have a child three years ago, since it would probably end the same way it ended in this video. Her cheating whore ass would be praised as innocent snowflake, while I would be some sick white supremacist male abuser for not behaving like leftist propaganda proposes... Keep in mind that no domestic violence happens without a reason, be it a wife's or husband's fault. All I wanted was a wife who would be my whole world and a child or two to whom I would give my everything, but now I am thankful that I never got kids with her. And it still hurts me three years later that my whole world shattered in an instant, while I was the one being blamed, while she was constantly cheating and having a whole army of whore family and friends to cover for her.
Virginia Meadows:
this I fil in love .....make me cry so hard .he knows
buddy 1337:
man sam you shoulda won award man shitty the ppl suck ass your number one in the bars
man that's how I feel with this girl I have liked for the longest
tai bida:
wait I m not gay😂😂😂.... but damn he's hot.. 😁

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