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I love this song by Sam Hunt and I love the way Tim Tebow did this song on Lip Sync Battle and Tim Tebow loves Country music just like me.
Hey women, when guys talk to you like that, run away fast.
Believe me.
I used to be one of those "Nice Guy"-douchebags
not a fan of country songs but I swear there are some that I cannot resist myself from listenin
Dennis Stewart:
that was so nice of you push that man down because if you didn't push that man down she would be really hurt and not baby would probably like not have a mom if it wasn't for you that is really nice of you to help that girl thank you you are my biggest fan fan
Irina Andreea:
My favorite song! <3
Is he listening in 2017?
Jesse Harris:
the only country artist that made me feel that s***
JustJuls SA:
Damn I love this song. Brings back some strange memories. #Replay
Melissa Marcou:
Sam hunt baptist! no sock's. Peace. watch your money! see and smell honeysuckle
Mike Wizzle:
Who's listening to this in the year 3000?
Nereyda Calderon:
I ain't got to call you mine... I just want to take your time.
Stephen Sabbun:
Anyone came here cos of Dangerous Woman Tour? 😂
Thomas Buresh:
This song is so hot. I love it and those folks who are hung up on him doing rap can take their banjo an get lost.
Trevor Latta:
I love this song along with all of Sam's other songs he has written... I hope he keeps making more
i hate sam hunt way to rap in his songs sounds bad witch is why I'm mocing to a better song
why do guys like this not actually exist?

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