Sam Hunt - Take Your Time

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Angelina Inscho:
it's really sad how relatable this some is to me and my life. I shouldn't
be crying watching the video and knowing my life is currently so similar to
the girl in the video.
Lucas Bond:

Michael Jimenez:
I sang this shit for a girl and she slapped the shit outta me
One might say a song dosnt mean that much but the truth is shown with a
simple music video <3
Rodger Jachim:
Love the video, but so far, not a fan of Sam Hunt. I don't like his rapping
at the beginning of his songs. The ones I've heard anyway.
Sedalia Ballard:
his is a great song sam hunt
Staci Howie:
Ain't that aprapo. This song is about violence against women. Been there.
Done that. Shitheads. Ain't a cat walk. And now the dog that almost maulded
me is my new bestie and there is a fucking cat in my trailer. WTF. Country
living is the life for me. Except two men bitched at me today, and I WONT
take that SHIT. FUCK them but I need them for about 48 hours. Then they are
Stacy Nelson:
ive never watched this video it. i never thought of the
song like this
Stefania Obrelli:
pelle d oca .... è splendida .. l adoro!
William Tuckett:
Yep, got this friend I just want her time but she's too busy and only seems
to want to hang around her family. I've actually only hung around her 4
times in the past 5 months. We mostly communicate through text and lately
phone calling. :( Known her for 11 years, been friends for 5 months.
Starting to talk about deep things now, and she's moving far away soon. Had
the best day of my life with her, she always enjoys my company when we hang
out and she's told me thanks for being her friend, I told her I was honored
to be her friend and thanks for being in my life.
hailey christie:
I love this song you can sang and you are going to be a good husband for
her and y'all are a good cuple 💏💑👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨😍👯👯👯👯💖
jenn sipe:
Thats great CONGRATS !!! good song choice ☺☺✌❤
pink fuzzy lama 999:
Sam hunt isn't really country.
word vango:
love this song, hate the video

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