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Audrey Butler:
love this song! And Sam u have such an awesome voice. u give me chills. Added bonus that man yr sexy!
Chelsea Brecht:
" I will talk/sing at you" should be a legitimate threat.
July Garden:
I can't get over how respectful these lyrics are. I adore it.
Kristina Franks:
Met up with someone who loved this song. And he was kinda like this, at first. No pressure, just hanging out. It didn't last long, though I don't completely blame him. He didn't understand the things that were at work behind the scenes.
He hurt me, even though I tried to help him.
In the aftermath, in my pain, I wrote an epilogue to this song. A remix or something.
Micileia Feitosa:
Te amo nenê 🇧🇷❤💞🙈 Conheci suas músicas através do the Voice 📃🔊🎶💥|Tey🎶 Tey 💥|√
Mike Jiu:
Anyone know the main actresses name?
YouTube recommended me this.... Guess YouTube was correct.
Paige Maynard:
I’m not paige Maynard im just her brother using her account. And it’s near Valentine’s Day and I’m doing something very nice for a girl. I really like her and I’m a bit nervous. Wish me the best of luck.
Ryan Onefeather:
This song is my favorite song ever
This reminds me of the man i wish i could have
Stacey shank Pulliam Pulliam Schank:
If you witness a situation and you feel that pain is suggest try or make your self known to the situation as a defender a fighter for a defender against a fighter try wait right moment when she's alone gently lift her up and out of the battle she can't win alone cause she's a woman and he's a man. Carefully plan in case weapons are apart of the situation and hurry cause that's a violence no ones would or could comprehend anyway take her run run run and hide so no ones can see or where all can.
Wake up With Irene:
I love this song. I enjoy it a lot. It's like something that resonates to me.
austin paul:
I hate my ex girlfriend I'm not going to name name's
gabe bernal:
Sam with the fresh air cut 2:05
ironic spider:
this song is the highlight of my day its a awesome song

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