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Alisha Gelotti:
So sad. 0:55 you can tell the girl acting is in an abusive relationship.
Why does the video never match the song :(
Cathy-Hélène Gallant:
I would like to know the names of the 2 actors
Janie Williams:
not a county gal...but this song was dedicated to me and I love it!
Jayde Kang:
Sam is on the Hunt to Take Your Time...
Joyel Lee:
The bartending, the Goodwill, the laundry mat, the POS beater truck, the POS himself... Take a few lines from my life 12 years ago. My knight in a white truck!! Tae Lee!!!😍😘 I swear there are STILL AMAZING MEN OUT THERE!!
Kellar Loo:
I don't get it. To me it sounds like this dude just wants a one night stand. How is this a cute love song?
Krista Ward:
this song hits home, a wonderful guy named victor saved me, I was getting beat for 5 years I was so unhappy, when I met victor I fell in love n was safe n happy!
this song can be just about a close friendship gotta love it
Ryan Seetaram:
hi I'm a really big fan of country music
bhuvana thirupathi:
I can't forget this song in whole of my life. My everything my love he dedicated this song to me when we met first time...He took all my sadness from me nd showered all his love. He just wanted my time more than anything in this world.. and one day he left me with all his memories.. he is no more.. now I really need his time.. I want him back.. only this song could console me when ever I needed his shoulders.. love u sriki.. u are my hero nd everything and yes I will spend all my life time only for u with all ur memories... and the right time will take me to you soon... 😞😞😞
This is a great video . Never new he was from Cedartown​ GA . I have relative's that live there . And I live 30 mins away from there
Beautiful Song, Just being there for someone is the most beautiful thing you can ever do.
This song reminds me of

when my gf broke up with me bc i never talk to her😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😞
tom tunes:
nothing country bout this dude ! shouldn't be on country radio !

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