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i just wish to find a girl who likes the same taste of music as me so thaat i could dedicate such songs to her. #country music best genre ever
Those 35k dislikes are the boys with no self control or passion.
Lorena Jones:
This song sucks my whole family hates this song
M Conley:
This song gives me chills every time I listen to it😍
Mike Youngblood:
Think it suits my situation of me losing my love few days ago back to a convict that shot her in 2013. It's hard to let go and fear for her life and my stepson. Thanks
Nikita Saville:
I'm trying to decide between him and James Arthur's 'sun comes up' the stripped version. I get Goosebumps but I've come back and forth between these two songs.πŸ˜‚
Otto Lopez:
I just wanna take your time lol 😊
Sam Hibbard:
my name is also Sam and I've done a music video for my song "take me back" -
Savya Brahmbhatt:
this song is so close to my heart.
cause I also wanted to take some ones time.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Still Crows:
Well get yurself a pit bull and a neck tattoo and that'll fix it all right up. That was easy.
Wayne Pursell:
Im gonna come on strong😏😌
Xsavior Jtown:
barking kitten:
Omg I was in a relation ship with a boy.... he really didn't care about me and made me do all this crap... then my boyfriend now saved me from him, when the other boy left me though my depression got worse but now my boyfriend has helped me.... I love him!
belaidouni hadjer:
it's been 10 min since i found this song, and i am in love with his amazing voice, he is incredible, i think he's gonna be my fav singer now
megan and elora:
Take your time is all about how some one fell love with this person it shows affection and love and i cherrish that

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