Chino Hills TAKES DOWN 7'5" GIANT!!! Matt Van Komen vs LaMelo Ball

>>PassportplayasTV>>Chino Hills TAKES DOWN 7'5" GIANT!!! Matt Van Komen vs LaMelo Ball
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Amari Albro:
its not like the 7"5 dude tried to jump on him. he shouldn't have thrown him down.
That dude who pushed down the 7'5 player is a petty ass mother fucker. honestly the whole fuckin game hes swings his arms at him and starts pushing him in a non defensive way and being a little bitch and acting all agressive like wtf its basketball dude calm your tits. id kick this asshole off the team if i were the coach
Collin Wilkerson:
bruh these guys would shit on my schools team
How is it possible to miss a layup at 7ft5, he's a great player but how tf does he miss a layup at 7ft5
Dwight Schrute:
LaMelo is going to be the biggest best in NBA history
John Smith:
6:31 while his teams defending he's got his hands on his hips walking around on the other side of the court?
Jolene Sakaino:
When u put all sliders on 100 in 2k
Leroy Jenkins:
To this day i will not understand how the fuck people get excited over a damn 7 footer dunking PERIOD. nigga if you seven feet you can damn near hop up and just hang on that bitch 3 inches off the ground
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Raideruber22 Perez:
Niggers always trying to throw their weight on white boys. Hypothetically, I would have punched the nigger in the throat if that were me.
Robert J. Simpson:
Chino Hills has a great office especially when they share the ball, but they lack good defensive team play and are generally uninspiring. As far as the Viking go: you've got a 7'5" center who has learned not to bother taking a dribble before shooting and keeps his hands above his heads at all times: give the man the ball!! You're not going to beat Chino Hills at their own game; they are taller, quicker, and stronger: slow down the offense and get the ball to the 7 footer! Vikings, your job is to rest on offense and make Chino Hills work on defence, otherwise they will destroy you on the fast break and on offense generally because their legs weren't worked on defense and your legs were overworked on offense. Good golly, what are the Vikings coaches thinking!
Thomas Dorsey:
#21 had a shot take away chino hills two big guys the balls play much worse guarantee those two dudes not bad at all they the only ones who play real good D they then outlet pass and the balls are already at half court and the other is under the basket so what they do is as soon as the other team shoots one of them already is running under the hoop the other one is around half court...
Trey Gilliland:
bruh that kid may be 7'5 but he cant do shit hes horrible
Vincent Ellis:
It seemed as if both teams shot 90% from 3 - point range!!!! Geeeeesh...
With that height it don't mean nothing if you don't have skills. Such a shame.


Chino Hills keeps on winning for their 50th straight victory!!! Matt Van Komen was an inside force Keanu Akina from outside still but was not enough for the Chino Hills!!!
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