Chino Hills TAKES DOWN 7'5" GIANT!!! Matt Van Komen vs LaMelo Ball

>>PassportplayasTV>>Chino Hills TAKES DOWN 7'5" GIANT!!! Matt Van Komen vs LaMelo Ball
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Matt Van Komen,LaMelo Ball,Chino Hills,Keanu Akina,7'5

Ace Adorable:
is this the kid that jacks threes around mid court? lol. he's a joke. big
air head. he needs some fundamentals in his brain and not superstar
mentality. fuck wrong with this kid
Carson Hatch:
The guy isn't an all around player. He plays offense and makes plays. But
is lazy on defense
Cecil Carreon:
no defense for shit on both teams trash
That 7'5" guy is fucking wack. See him miss those easy dunks like 4 times
in a row? He's literally only in the team for the height, no game at all.
Dylan Kail:
Can you please sub to me I only have 100 subs. I'll sub back
EliteSquad Gaming:
LaMelos Defense Is Like James Hardens 😂😂 What Happend On The Alley Oop
Eneaz Wells:
If anyone lives in chino hills tell Lamelo Ball to play d
Jacob Loughman:
lol lamelo whenever i see him without the ball hes sitting back at half
court and he was even calling for the ball at one point at one point
😂😂😂😂 he does the same on defense hes a selfish player the spotlight can
only be on him
Jarred Aabel:
No defense anywhere! Everyone jacking up wide open threes is not impressive
Lamar Barnes:
is it me or memo ball plays no type of defence were is the defence at a lot
of these young kids growing up have a lot of scoreing talent ofence gets
the likes n ooooss n all but defence win ball games melo ball still got
anyone know what shoes lamelo has on?
Does no one drive the lane anymore? Shooting threes boring as shit
Who's number 21 he busted like 13 THREES😂
addison martinez:
Chino hills is overrated. All they do is shoot, pass the ball like if
they're playing football across the whole court, no type of ball movement.
And not a shred of defense was played by either team that day.


Chino Hills keeps on winning for their 50th straight victory!!! Matt Van Komen was an inside force Keanu Akina from outside stillbut was not enough for the Chino Hills!!!