Blake Shelton - She's Got A Way With Words (Official)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She's Got A Way With Words (Official)
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Austin Fortin:
Blake is a good person and he is a good at singing
dang it, Blake does look like Michael de santa
Jamie Adair:
The thing that sucks about this planet is that it makes no sense to those who are fortunate enough to not believe it. Usually those that don't believe it are not to be believed, or just know that it can't change. I'm the type that knows that it can't change, so I change all of the time without lying in order to make fun of it. Mind WIT and Beware of Death Hoe:
Jinnie Rishton:
Miranda sure did put an ake in Blake! Lol.... cheating S.O.B. deserved it too! Some men are never satisfied.
Fuck, I hate that I know every word to this song
Lisa Fields:
Damn he just burned the heck out of her! :o
Just listened to god gave me you and now this one. And I'm thinking it's damn hilarious.
Shaela McConkey:
How I feel bad for him and Miranda. Sad
Travis Herman:
It would have been better for anyone other than Blake to sing it. He comes off as pathetic and a cry baby as most intelligent people know it's focused on Miranda. Boo Hoo Blake, Boo Hoo.
Very clever lyrics. Much better than a similar song by the Script that had similar plays on words
lisa carter:
We all have that one Hate song About our Ex !! This one tops Mine !!! :O)/ !!!
mike nico:
These are mostly all 2016 songs, should say that
norma norris:
He is full of hate!!!! Miranda has more class than than he and Gwen put together!
o castillo:
I wonder if this is why he didn't get no nominations for ACM

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