Blake Shelton - She's Got A Way With Words (Official)

>>Blake Shelton>>Blake Shelton - She's Got A Way With Words (Official)
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I have a dream.. that one day I will be a successful musician, Some people don’t believe in me, but maybe you will <3
I'm an 20 year old singer/songwriter, i would be honored if you stop by my channel and give me a listen :) I don't want to be one of those spammers but it just seems like none of my videos get attention from Youtube. :( thumbs up so others can see??
Bethany ann Hick's Hicks riggs:
.oh yeah, wait til you see nobody...alike me.
Bobbi-Jo Jenkins:
i love blake shelton songs they mean everything to me
Constance Hill:
I. Am. A. Fan. Uv. Yor. Big fan
Dee Weatherz:
I dont even fool with country music but but this song go hard...
Jungkook's Noona:
I'm not into country songs, but the lyrics are so good!!!
Kapil Paliwal:
this is the best song i h
ever heard long live blake
Maria Rodriguez:
Oh Blake you got a way with words. Sexy
Phil Giles:
I know this way toooooo well!!!
Punisher Nation#74:
Funny this song came out after the divorce!
he didn't even write the song so did he REALLY "burn Miranda" with this one???? come on now take facts into consideration
Staltwitch Junction:
She put ake in Blake. She put the uke In luke. She put the tube in Youtube. She put the an in man. (man) She put the eart, in heart. She put the assion, in passion. She put a big ove in love. She's got away with, she's got a way with words.
Tina Kasal:
Love This Song Was Greatest Song Ever,Blake Shelton is the best ever...!!
Zach Anders:
love this song and the class i got an F in
scarecrow money:
she definitely HAS A WAY WIT WORDS.............

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