Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)

>>Sports World>>Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)
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Aleksandra Mitić:
FJRN HNSKA.,KD. Krv fo. DkJANRJT. K. Kf kd AJT TI.jcjnrjc.f cd m ed cjifjcigibcjvfjcj r j r j rj. F j rcj c n.tkc rc knfcjf. J fcncnfjxnf h y😜
Cole Dukes:
but dallas still won vs Steelers
Cringey Vids:
Sea hawks copied the Rams 😐😐
Gamble Andrews:
Did you guys see how horrible the kickers stats were on the second one
If they didn’t win the game WE DONT CARE
Jacob Choromanski:
someone please help he i don't understand the fake spike thiing for the steerlers
Maure Outdoors:
Our highschool team pulls a lot of trick plays and onside kicks check them out here
Cowboys scored on Pittsburgh after that play anyways and won
NickyV84 84:
The first play she says untouched but if u watch the quarterback the whole time on the instant replay he was touched
Sam Malone:
The Seahawks punt was stolen from the Rams... and oh, the Rams actually returned the punt
Wil Gall:
3:00 that kicker went to my high school and he could kick 55 yarders
jacob Barnett:
they have no idea that Lsu had the ball and ran it into the touchdown
lili anatasya:
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utah did that misdirection punt play against Oregon in 2015 but nobody ever puts that in these, they always put the Bears one that had a penalty or the seahawks one that didn't get a TD
wolf 117:
The fake spike should have been with Dan Marino

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