Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)

>>Sports World>>Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)
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Anthony G:
0:36 that moment when you still lost the game.
Beast Mode:
Boise state had a really good trick play
Brett Lindemood:
How can you not have BSU in there?
Cyber Water:
Dank Meme:
Too bad Zeke won the game with 8 seconds left on a 30 yard run through the middle against pitts😂
Dennis Williams:
I still don't think the Antonio Brown fake spike play was anything special. The cornerback wasn't fooled, Brown just beat him. Would have had the same result if they ran a regular play.
Efrain Jaimes:
The Russel Wilson touchdown should of been called back he dropped it at the end zone just like Dez Bryant
i like how this isn't just an nfl or just an ncaa video.
Grand Theft Auto Gamer:
2:20 wasn't even a touchdown if you pause it constantly you can see he jumps out of bounds without stepping a foot in the end zone
Jessica Gering:
I'm a floirda fan and when I seen lsu get the fake punt return for touchdown I was like bruh how did he get the touchdown when he stepped out of bounds
Nolan Sullivan:
I know this was uploaded before it happened, but the Bears had an end-around pass play to score a td against the Vikings in either week 16 or 17
man fuck, the more i watch nfl, the more i wish american football was big in england :(
Zombie Jesus Lord of Grass:
Wanna know the real trick? Dallas won that Pittsburg fake spike game
lionel messi:
them football players be running so fast that the coach cant even catch up to them
tim w:
tulsa defenders were just slow. that is why this trick play worked

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