Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)

>>Sports World>>Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)
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Da rev Alexander:
Boise State has the best teick plays.
Where's the one in the still/cover photo (whatever you call it)? False advertising.
Fun Unleashed:
FYI, Pittsburgh lost that game, haha
Furlog Giant:
the last one should have been flagged
Homer Pile:
History? maybe if your 5. lol.. pretty cool tho
Jake Rojas:
brilliant. get "sacked or tackled" for a loss , but you didn't have the ball. who did ? ahhh, nobody but one team eventually picked it up and advanced.

don't matter how deep your buried in the backfield -- if u ain't got the ball
Julian Dantzler:
the trick play to Russell Wilson should've been a incomplete pass he didn't maintain control of the ball all the way to the ground according to the nfl lol
Almost half these pass trick plays were illegal and should have been flagged because linemen crossed over the LOS before the pass was made.
Patrick Martin:
alot of these teams are doing fake trick plays when their up by at least 2 and a half touchdown... why🤔
Tim Rooks:
Automatic thumbs down when your thumbnail is not in your video.
Zackary Nichols:
Really no Marino fake spike?? This list is a joke man.
for some reason i just had a dream about a kicker for the panthers going crazy and shooting his entire team...
lukus johnson:
the msu fake was awesome...mike dAntonio LITERALLY had to be hospitalized for a heart attack later that night...i remember watching the post game interview and he seemed eerily calm like beyond tranquill and thinking he's a cool customer lol
munad chili:
american football is a dead sports
You don't even have the Boise State duo they put on OU back in 2006 to shock the world. Those deserve the top spots

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