Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)

>>Sports World>>Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)
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Brady Ferris:
I don't know why nobody is appreciating Doug Baldwin's amazing throw.
G Jara:
I still don't know how you get tricked on a punt
Garrett Del Valle:
Cowboys were good but the packers squeaked away from em #wellplayedpackers
for some reason i just had a dream about a kicker for the panthers going crazy and shooting his entire team...
Homer Pile:
History? maybe if your 5. lol.. pretty cool tho
Jeremy Stone:
3:48 Is Travis Kelce in college.
Johnathan gonzalez:
What's your football number

Julian Dantzler:
the trick play to Russell Wilson should've been a incomplete pass he didn't maintain control of the ball all the way to the ground according to the nfl lol
Macawber Music:
Not sure how you put the Steelers fake spike without showing the Dolphins originally doing it years earlier (and better I might add).
May as well do a part 2 and just play Super Bowl LI as the greatest trick in Football history now though!
No MA'AM Last:
Almost half these pass trick plays were illegal and should have been flagged because linemen crossed over the LOS before the pass was made.
Toddy Rebal:
I love James franklins passion it gets me hype
isaac mosley:
no matter what I like the video
noah thompson:
I was at the Tulsa game and they still won though! hurricanes!
scot E. king:
If you'll notice. Most of the teams that did this are leading. That's greedy. And that's bad.
You don't even have the Boise State duo they put on OU back in 2006 to shock the world. Those deserve the top spots

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