Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)

>>Sports World>>Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)
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Brady Ferris:
I don't know why nobody is appreciating Doug Baldwin's amazing throw.
Christopher Polyson:
ineligible receiver downfield on first play. Michigan State delay of game.
Connor Moriarty:
1:33 Can we just take a sec to talk about that block? That's a hard ass block. Full speed from both guys.
G Jara:
I still don't know how you get tricked on a punt
Jeremy Stone:
3:48 Is Travis Kelce in college.
Jorge Naranjo:
really? putting the seahawks punt return by sherman but not the one where the rams actually scored? is it because its against the seahawks? lol
Mohammad El Meziani:
This is not football! It's American football ffs
Oneida Abbi Sissy:
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Toddy Rebal:
I love James franklins passion it gets me hype
Tristen Schmidt:
that vanderbilt coach went on to play for ped state
Just because it's a touchdown that doesn't mean it's a good trick played it just means the defense was ready for something else or the're stupid
the second seems like a messed up play
isaac mosley:
no matter what I like the video
Wait that wasn't that grea...OHHH SNAP THERE IT IS
scot E. king:
If you'll notice. Most of the teams that did this are leading. That's greedy. And that's bad.

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