Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)

>>Sports World>>Greatest Trick plays in Football History (NFL, NCAA)
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Brady Biggs:
Tom Brady's the best in my opinion
Brian Kelsey:
I think that the jump pass play is the best
Cole Horton:
How is the unexpected onside kick from the Saints while down at the half not in this video?
The fake spike one wasn't really a trick because the Defender was right on him
Maxwell Williams:
The Cincinnati Bearcats appearing twice makes me happy.
Nathan Kiewiet:
the richard sherman one is funny beacause the rams did that on them and got a td
Ohio state fan LETS GO OHIO:
You know what's funny for the 2 one? The cowboys still won πŸ˜‚
Trick Plays put the fun back into football.
That's what its all about anyhow, all about the fun of playing.
Its not life and death if you lose or win.
Seahawks 3210:
Shay Kleinman:
I know a good trick play it's when the browns score!lost TP and have no good QB won't even be ok in the next 20years I feel sorry for you browns fansπŸ˜“
Thunder 52:
Shermans " trick play" was BS. should have been TD but he's slow AF. Screw Sherman and the seahawks
Zachary Russell:
Seahawks took the punt thing from the rams. Rams did it to the Seahawks.
Zachary Wonder:
Jeez Clemson doing ga tech dirty talk about revenge
evan johnson:
oh yeah this guy is a seahawks fan for sure!
thomas bourne:
No Boise State vs OU? Cant call it a best ever list without mentioning that game.

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