7'9" GIANT Sun Ming Ming 1 by Stan Atamanchuk

>>Stan Atamanchuk>>7'9" GIANT Sun Ming Ming 1 by Stan Atamanchuk
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B A:
He should be dominating. But he’s to slow and cant jump. But thanks for sharing.
Brad Boatright:
@ 00:31 He's soo tall he makes the other players look like little children. Dang!
Chris McGuire:
Id like to actually see him jump and dunk. holy shit
Jaymie Harris:
One of these days there will be a guy this big and is coordinated like Jordan and dominate totally. It might be years away but sooner or later there will be one.
Jose Meda:
4:12 "Did you get the plate number?"
Juan Aguilar:
Mas lento que una tortuga no good
Keith Falconer:
I worked in Vegas 4 years and he came into where I worked..... however big he looks in vids pales in comparison to standing next to him
Marko V:
Is he tall or is everything short😉
He never has to jump. He just walks to the basket and drops it in. No one can guard him.
Ritchie fabulous:
he makes the niglets look like midgets
the best part was the guy was guarding thought he was going to bring him outside the paint and shoot but he big he still was able to contest the shot from the paint. Then he tried to attack him the dribble and got that shit smacked lol
One-on-one vs. Kenny George winner takes on George Meureson winner takes on Shawn Bradley winner gets Manute Bol, winner gets Yao Ming.
william zabiski:
very far in talent compared to yao ming
xxx xxx:
He doesn’t seem to be very athletic nor does he grasp his role very well.
why they said yaoming... stupid

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