7'9" GIANT Sun Ming Ming 1 by Stan Atamanchuk

>>Stan Atamanchuk>>7'9" GIANT Sun Ming Ming 1 by Stan Atamanchuk
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i have to admit ive never seen a man move this slow
this guy needs a different court damn!
Aleksandr Sinitskiy:
*I see some people say Sun Ming Ming was 12 years old here just to justify for lackluster gameplay , but even at a prime age of 24 years old he would relatively play the same way he does in this video because it is hard of getting rid of bad habits !!!*
Bev Fortner:
when you play on 8 foot so it feels like you a giant.
Conrado Pineda:
mga bobo ang mga kasama ni giant
Eldin Koljenovic:
Yao Ming, Sun Ming Ming, these asians been putting some weird shit in they rice. Lmao jk but fr how this man not in the NBA.
Jt Cook:
Ref:Let's do this jump ball fellas Sun: Who said I was jumping
Keith Falconer:
I worked in Vegas 4 years and he came into where I worked..... however big he looks in vids pales in comparison to standing next to him
Mikey Mercado:
i love to play basketball, well on that height of 7" 9" 1/2, i can't beat him it is impossible, im only 6" 1" omG;-(
when he wants to do a slam dunk he does not even have to jump lol
this guy is big and tall with no basketball skills to slow and will never develope in a pro league, half of this video they were standing around. I have seen much better..
Sajal Risal:
Finally a giant with a proportional body
Steve Roth:
Heck, he's big but he doesn'tlook that good ...
This is why basketball is shit? It becomes a freakshow.
Youtube Channel:
7'9" and has the defence of Muggsy Bogues.

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