Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)
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Aphmau Bond:
I love this song cause of the one part where he says I'm raising my glass to those saving our ass over seas
Beast slayer:
I had a girlfriend she broke up with me and I was crush and I'm only 12 was charging and I hate to admit but I stared drink whiskey but now we're back together I stop
Bonnie Evans:
Stay for one more round cause boy your worth the whiskey
Daddy Steel:
Another long work week gone local 7 Ironworkers
Diana Alanis:
I still listen to this song till this day. Like if you still do(:
Elliott Michaels:
I've always liked songs of irony, songs where the singer shows a lot of bravado but we all know he means the opposite of what he's singing. "I'm Not In Love" by 10-CC is a classic example of this, and so is this song. Swindell swears that the woman "Ain't Worth The Whiskey," when we all know he believes she is very much worth the whiskey and he wishes she were there sharing the whiskey with him! Long live modern country!
Gavyn McCollister:
I'll drink to my friend's dad that died this morning he was a father to me.
Jon cofi:
I'm Mexican and I like this song 👍
Kayla Debassige:
Dont waste that wiskey guys 😎
Patrick Farmers Tan:
My ex every time we are around eachother she doesn’t talk to me and her bf just stares at me! Well I don’t say a word because I’ve moved on! Doesn’t bother me one bit! I have a son to finish raising I have a new home I’m working on to make it home! Building corrals chicken coops horse stalls ECT... I ain’t got no time for games! To old and to gone for that shit! Girl I may wear old clothes and old wore out boots! I drive an old 1993 dodge Cummins! But I keep my boy dressed sharpe every day! He never goes without! I spend what I have on him not me! He always has some money in his pocket! That’s my #1 priority! Your a good person, you should start being yourself again! But right now YOU AINT WORTH THE WHISKEY!!!
Robert Comingo:
Ur being censured like a little bitch
Are you kidding me?? Talking over the guitar solo??

Nice song dude
Tanner Emmers:
I felt bad about a girl I met in a bar, I liked her told her she was cute, but said she really shouldn't give her number out, her friend came along and I looked to see if you would want it she was with a group of guys, moved closer to them when she saw me, so I left. This song helped me out alot because I finally had the courage to talk to a girl for a bit but leaves, because a friend said something, she's not worth the whisky!
Tory Hart-Goodyear:
most awsome God dam party in the world
"...the best country..." makes me laugh every time. Who else hangs the Flag up upside down in distress since Obama's era?

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