Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)
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Erika Blagowsky:
thank you for your service I'll have a beer for you
J Crawford:
Terrific song. Better than almost anything that passes for country music these days
Joseph Smead:
this is just what I needed in 2k17
Luke Sherrow:
no girl is worth my whiskey unless there very good looking
Ray. CROW Moreno:
Ryan Shordee:
everyman can relate to this song i know that for sure!! this is a guys only song ladies F off lol
I hate the military but I love this song. Greetings from Canada!
Stephen Fife:
Got that right. Do what I want when I want...
Stephen Harbin:
welcome home sarg. God bless u
your family fo the sacrifices yall have made for the great US of A and all the wonderfull people who live here. go enjoy your family sir. im sure u more than earned it🏆😀
Tabitha Walters:
thank you for your service and God bless those at war
Just give me a time and place, and I'll proudly raise a glass to any and all serving overseas! It's really amazing, their gift to us.
backwater outdoors:
chick aint worth the wisky but his bud overseas is
jacob hancock:
I was listening to the song even though I've heard it multiple times and while I was listening I decided to read the comments. I wanna say thank you to all those who are appreciative of my military family serving alongside myself. We all pay a big price by doing this for some who care and some who dont. thanks so much
madison garner:
I really love this song something about it I can't tell what it is but I'm digging it.

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Entertainment Weekly Interview:

Country artist Cole Swindell, who broke out with his 2013 hit “Chillin’ It,” is debuting the official music video for his latest single, “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” today (Thursday) and while the song included a tribute verse to soldiers overseas—”And, yeah, I’m raising my glass to those savin’ our ass overseas”—the video goes one further, saluting Swindell’s fraternity brother and good friend Kyle Davis, who served five tours with U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan.

“It was cool to have Kyle and some of his actual team members in the video—we want to do anything we can to make them feel involved and let them know that we appreciate them, letting us do what we love while they’re out doing that stuff,” Swindell says of the video before humbly adding, “You know, this is my third video and the other two I was just trying not to mess them up.”

Davis appears in the video when Swindell cuts the music and really does raise a glass for a long lost buddy, bringing the soldier on stage for a toast that the crowd (sourced from a twitter invitation from the artist to come help him film the video at a bar in Nashville) goes crazy for, “We wanted the live feel because this is the biggest song I play live. It just shows you the power of that song.”

The singer is grateful for the opportunity to salute his friend and the troops, “It’s nice to know there’s a bigger meaning behind the video than just an ex-girlfriend. And just crazy seeing them have fun and think what we’re doing was so cool while to us it’s like, ‘Dude, you can be in all our videos if you want. You know, thank you for protecting us.”

Swindell, who is currently a finalist for the Academy of County Music New Artist of the Year and the sole country name in iHeart Radio’s Best New Artist category (“I mean, to be nominated with Iggy Azalea and Sam Smith, they don’t even know who I am probably!”) is on tour through the end of August.

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