Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)
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Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Musical Recording),Country (Musical Genre),Music Video (TV Genre),Entertainment Weekly (Magazine),Music (TV Genre),Cole Swindell (Composer)

Amanda Comaduran:
Love this song! My husband died in 2013 Sgt. Bryan Christopher Comaduran.
Amanda Moore:
Amanda Moore
56 mins · 
Sometimes I find myself insulted by the marketing ploy behind artists. I am really trying to like this music regardless of the "fluff". My personal musical roots are true to country. Speaking to the people behind this performers product, sometimes its just best to let the song and music speak for itself. Fabricated, forced, and purposely directed at a particular group of people, I don't like the approach. They put the plug in the middle of the official video about a soldier? I hope this artist does not end up a statistic of the music industry. With America today the marketing behind this is statistically correct, but something about this process just offends me.. Authenticity is everything in music no matter how much the producers or labels try to polish it up. Maybe we should all think about the real origins of music and get back to humanity.
I discover this artist just today and I can't stop listening his songs. Hi from Switzerland.
Jacob Simpson:
Damn straight the free and best country my father was KIA and it's so nice to hear country song writers reminding Americans of the sacrifices made by our troops!
Joshua Norton:
this is my girlfriends song aint worth shit
Lori Wetzel:
Please vote for Kid Rock for President.
Matsi Blustag:
Sounded good, until he shouted out "security" from fighting in Afghanistan. You can't change people who aren't open.
Michelle Martens:
Who else is still listening to this in 2017?
Ron Barfield:
Doesn't get no better than this one imo.
Seaon Belasco:
Love Cole Swindells support for the forces! Hooah boys. 1RCR
Spencer Winburn:
Huge fan of this song, I even took interest in creating my own music video with it ---> check it out.
Taylor Steege:
Ex boyfriend Andy doede cheat nother girl in the truck
Zac Max:
yep its me and i dont give a fuckp
barry simpletons:
Step one... Find YouTube advertisers.... Step two..... Slit throats

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