Reaction to Clemson Beating Alabama (Last 9 seconds of game)

>>Sean Hanzelik>>Reaction to Clemson Beating Alabama (Last 9 seconds of game)
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Bandit Playz:
I didn't watch the game but when I heard Clemson won I fell to the ground with joy
J.W. Higgs:
Thats what im gonna do if auburn beats bama on saturday! Im watching bama loss videos to get hyped up! Go auburn!
Jesus Christ:
his dog is woke asf when he screamed
Krispy krunch:
you could say whatever true fan blah blah blah but you seemed so cheesey at frist
Mason Jackson:
Just watch the dog when he starts cheering
Myles Gollop:
I react like this whenever my team scores a touchdown his reaction was kind of weak for a national championship win
Fuck yes fuck bama dog let's go Clemson I'm a spartan though so I hate michigan the most but I hate Bama more
Savage Rectical:
Pure Alabama Fan Here!!Roll Tide! But gg...ik itz a late reply bout time yall can win one. probably will be awhile before yall can win another though.
Sean Williams:
Go Clemson tigers! Man i wish I could scream that high pitched! Lived in Seneca my whole life, finally so happy to see the tigers win another championship! Wasn't born till 86 so naturally I didn't get to see the first one. But man what a way to win! Vengeance!
good game coming from a bama fan they deserve it
South Carolina Mapping:
I would have done what you did but my parents would ground me probably
William McGary:
I bet he’s not very happy this season 24-6 lol roll tide
I’m watching back on this Laughing thinking about his reaction today
And the dogs like shut up whats wrong with you.
trevor phipps vlogs:
win real dosent count heres why on the TD play it was an illegal play with an illegal block. now yes clemson did win but it always will have a hash mark by it saying it was an illegal play. before you all say im a bama fan im an lsu fan i would have rather bama an clemson both lose that game