Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

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A Rockstar:
This is one of the greatest song that I have ever heard
Ben Der:
Darius should have taken the name Hootie, for propriety.
C.B. Luckygirl:
His voice is like butter 👍❤️
Diane Kosmosky:
I actually went to North Carolina and in the car I listen to this song
Doug Mick:
I caught a trucker had a nice long toke
Eddie Jackson:
Im new to country honestly prefer it over rap. just good vibes!
Elijah Auld:
what's this? a country song not about trucks, beer and dirt? 10/10
Flashin Jackson:
First heard this song when I was spending some time with my childhood crush before she left to Spain forever. :(
Jarvis Turner:
I Love it!! Never thought I would get into country music. He is amazing.
PGz illusionZ:
Rock me wrecky , heyyyy rock me wreckyyyy
alerted rogue gaming:
Is uncle sie driving the truck in this video?
clark garrison:
He hits all the points in life, love it!!!!
The guy who said this is American culture is right, in a way. It's a melting pot. That is sorta what this video is about. This is a great song, and honestly from a Bob Dylan lick to Old Crow Medicine Show, up to Darius Rucker... this is the best version of it.

But there is something deeply weird about this video. Or meaningful on some other level. Literally everyone in this vid is white except for him. He is almost not allowed into the club he's supposed to play at because he's black, until his white girlfriend comes and convinces the bouncer to let him in. Then he gets on stage with an all white band. What is the point of all that? I've watched this video a lot because I love this song and I love his performance. I just can't figure out whether (a) he's kinda trying to say that if you're black, all it takes to be cool with white people is to embrace country music or (b) trying to say he still gets racist stuff but he doesn't care because he's just as American as the next guy, or what. It's not clear

I guess it's good if it just blows some people's minds to see a black guy play country music, but he seems to be making such a point out of race in this video that you can't ignore that he's trying to say something / tell you something. I just kinda wish I knew what it was. I have great respect for the guy. There is just something very strange about this vid that leaves me wanting to know what his intention was. Is it a "I'm one of you! Really!" or is it "hey, we can all play whatever we want, quit judging me"?
Any recommendations for someone just getting into country?

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