Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel
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Austin La Nore:
All I can say have always been a fan of duck duck hunters but this definely should play a part and this is also a city boy who spend his summer, spring with his die hard country and who loved rock to meet on the middle who made a damn good that will 8t with what you put me towards and o wasn't all The way cool with it but still he's great and apparently I can see my granfother with this in all respect just for a song or two
David French:
Everyone needs to know that Old Crow Medicine Show wrote this.
Desi Conner:
This song makes me so happy😄
Elsa Baxter:
Is this the original or a cover?
Em McEachran:
Learned this song at a camp ^w^
Holmette 42:
I remember singing along to this song on taku 105, I absolutely loved this song
Mykel Evan:
This songs so damn murican I piss PBR for a week after listening.
Robert Gauss:
This America never was. It's a dream. Promise maybe? a reminder of what we could be. But it isn't out there now.
Rylee Lapham:
This used to be my favorite song when I was like from 3-4 and now I love it even more
Old Crow did it better. Thank you Mr. Dillon for contributing to another great song.
Salsa Rose Lover:
1:52 my name is Viviana but everyone calls me Vivi!💖💖💖😁😁😁
Hey 👋 my first time listening to this song great 👍
chrissy T:
Come to Roanoke Va again please ☺☺☺ my son loves YOU. We all do
tAmEz ZoDiAc:
Anyone have any good instrumentals of this
wolf blade 2927:
I love country so I know about this song

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