Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel
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Daniel Sayers:
How the hell would you NOT give Hootie a ride if you seen him hitchhiking??
Delilah Lucille Caraway:
I just discovered you tonight. Would love to sing a song with you!
Fitness Training:
Great song, singer, and song writer (Bob Dylan)
Joe Williams:
This is the only country song I enjoy
Linn B:
This may be controversial - but who cares! As a black woman myself, I really miss black men & women with a guitar and a good rock/pop song, in today's music industry:(
Sorry but today most black "artists" are painting this picture of all black people being "these uneducated, big-monkey-arse-fixated, drug-using gangsters" or "loud, bitches, who believes, that the greatest talent of all time, is to show of their vile, stinking, fat arseholes
on TV" (Rihanna, Beyonce, Minaj).

My older brother used to play guitar and he listen to Metallica, Pink Floyd, Queen, Bowie, The Rolling Stones etc! Today, he has become a gangster-wannabe..

Where are the Darius, Chapman, Morcheeba, Hendrix, Eagle Eye-Cherry, Sonique, Cooke, Skunk Anansie, Kravitz or M. People of today? People who could actually play an instrument, write their own songs and bloody sing it?! Talented musicians/singer-songwriters?

Anyway it's a great song - so thank you Darius:)
Mrs Kawii:
when we sat at lunch tables i started singing this and then i got the whole lunch room singing it even the teachers ha that was a good day i loved this song so much so many good thoughts
Richard C.:
I like him but black cowboys make me laugh and its a weird reaction I deal with daily.I would smoke all of my weed with Darius Rucker and we would play the guitar and get hammered lolol
Thamisanqa Zakwe:
Love from South African... so long as there's soul baby we can rock...
Tony Wright:
vary good music videos to watch.
Wally Peevy:
That's Hootie you dumb asses ! from Hootie and the blowfish
Zeb Suber:
I can't believe he had goog ol uncle si duck dynasty is my favorite show and I'm only 12
deeno wood:
i hate country music.. (live in east tennessee surprising right??) but this is one of the few i do like
denis simpson:
Love the sound of Darius Rucker.
micheal b jordan:
A black dude in country lol that's sick
tina brown:
i think he is a hell of a singer from WV Tina Brown

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