Darius Rucker - Southern Style

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Brandy Bass:
loving all his songs omg he's good country singer
Helmut Babos:
This is one of the greatest songs that pays tribute to the wonderful southern way of life...OH Yeah"
Jason Bobster:
I'm a bowl of chicken ticca masala that approves this song.
Jerod Pineur:
He doesn't sing like all these other modern country singers he is way better
Lark Jones:
Darius really has a style and sound of his own, different from almost everyone else. There's r&b, country, western, rock and bless his heart all wrapped up in his Southern roots. Forever to Thee brother!
Nancy Lumbrazo:
You are a musical genius.  I wish people did not need to see color in your music.  You are the most fabulous ever.  I managed to see you at Agua Caliente.  You came across so genuine and loving.  I watched Undercover boss the other night, and it was so moving to watch you help the struggling.  You are a genuine treasure, and I look forward to more music from you.
This guy is an amazing country singer!
Scott C:
I'm Latino and I approve of this song.
Stacy Broncheau:
really good music some of them give chills my favorite is southern style reminds me of my daughter love her n country music singers rock😇
Van Allen:
Hey! Why doesn't Darius Rucker sing about women of color? Lot's of beautiful colorful women in the South, but not one can be the feature in his videos? Why? What stops Country Music from featuring colorful relationships. Possible they think DR brings enough color to the show in his videos. Hmmmm.... Follow me on Twitter @GrProject43X
Country music videos always have the most beautiful women
cedric brown:
Black ppl love the South we are southern born and raised.. black folks in the South get stereotyped for trying to act white like we don't have a say so over how we live our lives mostly by other blacks... I love the Southern Way of Life and Country music in general not just Darius because he's black!
the spielmans:
there is nothing like a southern girl. Love them!
the truth:
correct me if I'm wrong but the south is predominantly black right??? yet Rucker never seems to find a single one to put in any of his videos seriously look back on his last ten videos n try to count 5 blacks. just saying it really bugs me
My Truck's A/C quit here on Texas 2 days ago, but listening to this awesome singer somehow keeps the heat bearable I guess its also the positive vibes I get listening to him, and Im Mexican but Im starting to love Country music, great song, great singer 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing Southern Style. (C) 2015 Capitol Records Nashville