Darius Rucker - Southern Style

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - Southern Style
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Bill Speer:
Absolutely Great Song. Brings back memorys back in Charleston, SC. Thank You Darius!!!!!
D Legend:
no matter where you're from that's heart n soul music period
Danny Shain:
Man do you keep kicking ass bro. Awesome tunes. Keep it up and all the best.
Eli Bailey:
hey guys I love him! he is better live trust me!
Jay D:
I am a Ninja and I approved this song. And those fine chicks.
Michael Malone:
Rivers Rutherford is a great song writer. even better with Darius singing it.
Owen Moore:
John 3:15-16 Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.
Random Spew:
I wonder how many white chicks Darius has split apart with his giant, fat, vein-laden, meat-mashing, loin lashing, CUNT CRASHING COCK! Just wondering.
Teri Lynn Heffley:
still doing great in my book keep it going
Van Allen:
Hey! Why doesn't Darius Rucker sing about women of color? Lot's of beautiful colorful women in the South, but not one can be the feature in his videos? Why? What stops Country Music from featuring colorful relationships. Possible they think DR brings enough color to the show in his videos. Hmmmm.... Follow me on Twitter @GrProject43X
lizard boy:
I love taking bong hits of crack while I listen to this on repeat.
My favourite genre is Soul, this is country soul. First heard him on Whispering Bob Harris country show. He just talked about music, nothing else. Then saw him on Youtube, Mr Rucker is a dude.
ronald loyd:
Darius, Thank you for letting us hear your Beautiful Voice. Hootie was great but the move you made to " country" music is brilliant! I like you even better. Please keep rolling out songs like this beauty.............Love you Darius!!!
the truth:
correct me if I'm wrong but the south is predominantly black right??? yet Rucker never seems to find a single one to put in any of his videos seriously look back on his last ten videos n try to count 5 blacks. just saying it really bugs me
vk luz:
I'm not north american, I'm south american, from Brazil. But since very young I like country song, I love america too and your culture is so rich, I hope a day can to know all this.

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing Southern Style. (C) 2015 Capitol Records Nashville