LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?

>>BallislifeWest>>LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?
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Bryan Franklin:
He disrespected the fuck outta this team
Camron Washington:
Y'all think he shot longer and better than steph curry
Dogeismy name:
Lamelo Hits half court

Achivement Unlocked:HALF COURT
Dylan Ernst:
Misses the shot: “he was calling for a screen”

Fly Pelican:
Thats pretty gangster if you ask me.
Fran man 20:
That was a good one welcome to the top
It'sYour BoiLando:
Anyone else here Lavar yelling “money!” In the background
Ivan Castro:
To bad it only counts for three
Lamelo is a lithuanian biggest star ❤️💖
Jaythan Gunter:
he was cherry picking the whole game he scored like 3 3s
Jordan Shaw:
If he pulls it from half court like its nothing then thats crazy! Lamelo is going to be lights out overseas and is going to prove that even though he's only 16 he's for real!
I want to reenact this scene in front of my girlfriend
They're over there in a half-court set while he's pulling up from the other side of the Court
Melo clearly has more skill than Gelo and much more promise. He has a crazy shot and ability to score but we'll see how he plays against professionals. He's also goota get bigger. Good thing is he's only 16 which is crazy too. He's got a bright future
the official dlogan:
Stephan curry the king, steph would beat lamelo easily, and plus steph did the same thing on the east vs west game he pulled up from the right side corner of half court.

    Yupp.. this happened today.. LaMelo Ball pointed at the half-court line and then casually pulled up from it and SWISH! Chino Hills won their 47th straight game to kick off the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational (