LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?

>>Ballislife West>>LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?
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half these teams are not good let him have some fun lol
Aaron Clark:
I did that to when i played basketball, did it couple times when i was his
Ben Meyer:
My coach would be mad af if I shot from half court like that
Doge the mlg Quickscoper:
Wtf, he barely even jumps too...
Did u hear the "that lil bitch" right before he was gonna shoot like he was
sacrificing his soul when he pointed on that line but he made it so he got
steph to see him
Joe H:
There should be more context to this. If they were up 30 at the end of the
game then it may as well be warm ups.
LJ Cool:
Lol they doing that now but in college pull that and your gonna be like
Grayson Allen suspended but who cares anyway might as well have fun in a
blowout game
Luke Foley:
he is the worst defender ever yes he can shoot but he wis a worse defender
than James harden
Ray Corona:
yeah, he deserved to be taken out of the game , make or not
saw highlights he missed like 9 shots before finally hitting....but this
was one hell of a shot though..cant deny that..
Stevan Servin:
all these people talking down in the comments are forgetting that these
kids are still growing, both in height and skill
The Hooper:
ballislife all on chino hills balls....
lol defenders gotta pick him up before he even gets close to halfcourt now.
Vick Gibbs:
If he shot that then he has some maturing to do.
Woody Ramos:
watched both these brothers in vegas, they probably went 2 for 49 from the
field.....way overhyped....they are good for high school though ...were
average players at best. their supporting cast is what makes this team
good....the other brother is even worse, couldnt make any shit unless d was
10 feet from him...

    Yupp.. this happened today.. LaMelo Ball pointed at the half-court line and then casually pulled up from it and SWISH! Chino Hills won their 47th straight game to kick off the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational (