LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?

>>Ballislife West>>LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?
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Bolt the wolf:
I made this shot yesterday and the shot was "sexy" haha
Darken Wing:
If i did that but miss, everybody well think you're stupid.
Filip p:
I don't get it why is he so popular. he is trash for real he got that one lucky shot and that its. if I am defending him he couldn't do shit
This was 5 months ago holy shit , I felt like this happened last month
Lil buddy is gonna be way better than steph he is already 6'3 and only 15 with a jumpshot like that..he's in there
can i put this video on my channel
It's Ghosty:
Its pretty crazy 2.2 the line and make it
Kasey Da Gamer:
I don't get high school ball. It's like the globetrotters. Taking half court shots for no damn reason
Mohd Afiq:
That's shit is so easy I can do.... hold my beer
Mr Pillias:
look out and then you throw up stuff like that? how did even go in!! He pulls an houdini
Mr.Awesome Bamboni:
ikr, he happens with an odds of 50% lol
Your opponent has left the match
weak crowd, he deserved applause 4 dat
Stone Harper:
I don't give a fuck what you say that was the coolest shit to ever happen on a basketball court
tj lithus:
lamelo is not better than curry

    Yupp.. this happened today.. LaMelo Ball pointed at the half-court line and then casually pulled up from it and SWISH! Chino Hills won their 47th straight game to kick off the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational (