LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?

>>Ballislife West>>LaMelo Ball Crazy Halfcourt Shot! POINTS at The Line Then PULLS UP From It! LOL Stephen Curry Who!?
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Andrew Smith:
Lol when an NBA half court is bigger than a high school half court
Bolt the wolf:
I made this shot yesterday and the shot was "sexy" haha
Chaddawg 445:
unless he matures and respects his teamates and opponents he ain't gone be shit
Dane Steele:
U can't do that crap in college or the NBA.I know he's good but that's just showing off.
Filip p:
I don't get it why is he so popular. he is trash for real he got that one lucky shot and that its. if I am defending him he couldn't do shit
Jacob Terpenning:
In 5 years if he does that LeBrons gonna block it
KaGOAT Weonard:
LMAO Everyone hating but look this kid straight pulled up from half mid game AND MADE THAT SHIT FUCK ALL YALL HATIN HOS MAD RESPECT TO LAMELO
Kasey Da Gamer:
I don't get high school ball. It's like the globetrotters. Taking half court shots for no damn reason
Meatball Sub:
I swear on my life that is my high school im seroius!
Your opponent has left the match
Stanley Gaming:
Lamelo is just savage he's going to be a top prospect and I can't wait for him to break curry's ankles 😎😝
The Ricky Fontaine Show:
He gone be my favorite player when he get to the NBA. look at the poise he had after the shot went in like he just do it all the time like it don't even excite him. Remind me of Derrick Rose when he first got in the league and now
kingproplayer 23:
Wtf was that halfcourt shot, any normal coach on earth would have busted his ass and put him on the bench
This was 5 months ago holy shit , I felt like this happened last month
ronnie Sanga:

    Yupp.. this happened today.. LaMelo Ball pointed at the half-court line and then casually pulled up from it and SWISH! Chino Hills won their 47th straight game to kick off the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational (