Steve Smith reacts to Odell Beckham Jr.'s playoff loss antics | UNDISPUTED

>>UNDISPUTED ON FS1>>Steve Smith reacts to Odell Beckham Jr.'s playoff loss antics | UNDISPUTED
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The problem with Miami trip was the distraction it created! period. the media likes this because it sales. It takes you aways from what you need to do. Don't feed the media. I this like it so much.
Azariah Vasquez:
I love how Steve always spit DAT real!
Cj James:
At the 1:58 mark , "The W2, that allow you to get the K1s" lol I like that.
Conor B:
Steve Smith said smarter statements than Skip Bayless did his entire career
Daniel Peer:
He doesn't like telling him to grow up, but he's saying that ODB needs to mature. Sounds legit...
This clown Steve smith jr is a COMPANY MAN✔..
Joseph Coleman:
I'm a Pats fan with a lot of respect for Smith always worried when we played against him. Old dude was still ballling at 39 that's tough to do as a receiver. He could still play now if he wanted to. OBJs problem isn't that he needs to grow up His problem is he can't handle the pressure. He's easy to rattle. Recievers have to get into DBs heads NOT the other way around. He gets trhown off his game way too easy
Kat Jay:
Odell Beckham punched a hole in the wall in the Packers locker room. It was all over social media. Apparently he banged his head a few times on a wall also this isn't childish? the mayor from New York offered to pay for the repair work.
Overall, Giants have lacked positive leadership for a long time. Stretching all the way back to that video that was posted of one of their players getting bullied, it just seems like the veteran leadership is just as childish and immature as the rookies. It pains me to say it because I root for the team, but they seem like an unstructured group of talent. That was one of the biggest issues under Coughlin, the guys didn't police themselves. All the talent in the world, but very little self control.
Sohail Lokhandwalla:
you can't just ask odell to grow up and expect it to happen. All wide recievers are emotianaly unstable so you can't just tell them to grow up. Odell is only in his 3rd year and he already has a lot of fame, and he is under a lot of pressure. Odell will eventually grow out of it with experience, and the media is completely throwing him under the bus
Steve Schroth:
I would listen to Steve Smith Sr. talk about anything. Smart and insightful, he is the best sports pundit out there and has only been doing it a week.
Do you think Odell's Miami trip hurt his play?
I think obj will eventually get it together
chevy boy:
I agree with Steve Smith 💯 percent
Put Steve Smith in the hall now. He needs to be on TV, because he keeps it💯

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